July data is now live! Media sites dominate top movers

July data is now live on Compete.com! What sort of changes did a new month bring? We took a look at the sites that grew the most from June to July to get a better idea of where online traffic is flowing.

Whether it’s the heat of summer, gas prices trapping people at home or something else entirely, several rich media sites saw a huge jump in traffic in July. In fact, of the top 20 fastest moving sites in July, 10 sites’ primary focus is rich media content delivery.

Additional findings include:

  • Looking for love in all the free places: Two of the sites making the top movers list – webdate.com and mingle2.com – both offer free online dating services with a “web 2.0” feel.
  • Apple succeeds…even when it fails: Despite “not being up to Apple’s Standards“, it’s new syncing service MobileMe (at me.com) shot up over 700% in July.
  • Politics + comedy = Traffic: Jibjab.com released a satirical video highlighting the 2008 election “Time for some campaignin” in July. Traffic, and laughing visitors ensued.
  • A traffic surge that no one can celebrate: One of the more concerning trends in July was FDIC.gov making the top movers list, which seems to highlight just how concerned consumers are with the state of the U.S. economy.

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