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ING DIRECT vs. E*TRADE: Seeing Inside Your Rival's Ads

One of the fiercest areas of competition within financial services is in high-yield savings products. Since together E*TRADE and ING DIRECT accounted for almost 50% of high yield savings applications started online during May and June 2008, we decided to compare the performance of campaigns from these industry leaders. Both E*TRADE and ING DIRECT produced effective and engaging campaigns (according to the IAB post-click through engagement varies from 5-85%) but

Interview with Presentation Zen Master Garr Reynolds

"If you can get to Presentation Zen, you can do it all", said Mitch Joel in a recent Compete blog post. Mitch recommended that I interview Garr Reynolds to get on my way. Garr is the author of the best-selling book Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery and the Presentation Zen blog. As someone who has spent her share of time developing and delivering PowerPoint presentations I

Guest Post: How Are Hyundai's Strengths Transferring Across Vehicle Categories?

While Hyundai got its start in the US over 20 years ago with small vehicles, it has aggressively expanded its lineup upwards in size and price, including the just-launched Genesis luxury sedan. Like any brand expanding its portfolio, it is hoping positive consumer perceptions for the existing models carry over to the new ones. But what are those strengths for Hyundai? Which ones are carrying over to the larger and

What Else are iPhone Researchers Into? Blogging and Travel Sites

As the dust begins to settle after the announcement and launch of the new iPhone 3G, I wondered about who was actually interested in it. With all the hype, there’s inevitably strong curiosity among iPhone researchers, so interest often isn’t necessarily indicating an intent to buy. Still, I thought that looking at this group’s behavior might provide some insight into who potential (possibly actual) customers are, and what types of

July Search Market Share Update: Everyone Dips But Google

Things move a little slower in the summer. Right? Well that’s what we’re telling ourselves anyway with our search share numbers being published a bit later in the month than we typically like to get them in your hands. Oh well better late than never. July turned out to be a return to the norm with everyone losing share to Google. With the exception of the Club Live enhanced Windows

Yahoo! Takes Gold in Olympic Reach, NBC Squeaks Win in Engagement

The 2008 Olympic Summer Games are well under way in Beijing, while the contest continues online for audience reach and engagement. NBC spent $900 million for exclusive rights to broadcast the Beijing Olympics on TV and online. On August 9th, the day after the Opening Ceremony, nearly 2 million unique visitors dropped by to catch the replay. A week later, shows no sign of slowing down, but Yahoo!’s

Forget Bush Fatigue, Obama Fatigue is Here (To Stay?)

Just when it seemed the ailing economy, soaring oil prices and a historically unpopular president would doom John McCain’s electoral aspirations, a funny thing happened while Barack Obama and his media entourage were taking last month’s overseas mid-summer victory lap: America seems to have tired a bit of Obama’s celebrity status, dulling, at least slightly, his glow of invulnerability. Now, with the recent Georgia/Russia conflict causing voters to rethink Obama’s

The iPhone Comes to Best Buy: Good Buy or Good-Bye for Consumers?

Last week, Best Buy announced that it will begin to sell the iPhone, the still very hot new device that is exclusive to carrier AT&T, on September 7th. Best Buy has been selling mobile phones and plans for some time now, and they have made a considerable investment in building their presence with a "store within a store" concept. This announcement made me wonder about how much traction Best Buy

Kruger: A Battle of Might, Will… What Were We Talking About?

With summer starting to wind down my dreams of being on safari in South America are starting to occupy my mind more and more. This reminded me of a remarkable video I saw on YouTube several months ago; in traditional viral fashion (Hey did you see this video yet?? Spam spam spam!). The video showcases an epic battle of nature caught on tape (perfect for a show on Fox) of

The Mass Affluent and the Economy

How bad is the economy and what does that mean for consumer-facing financial firms looking for growth? On the surface, the news isn’t good. 46% of consumers say that their financial situation has deteriorated in the past 12 months. While we would expect wealthier consumers to be faring better than others, the data suggest the relationship is not linear. Consumers with under $25K in total investable assets ("Mass Market") are

Superhero"¦ Phones? Cell Phone Microsites Ride the Hype of Big Summer Movies

Have you noticed lately how many microsites (sites designated for a specific type of content) are dedicated to cell phones? Manufacturers are getting the "bug" and creating interactive microsites to market their hot new phones. Some of the biggest cell phone releases of late have been tied with the hyped summer movies: namely Iron Man and Batman: The Dark Knight. (Don’t worry, no spoilers here!) Microsites are certainly not a