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June Search Market Share Update: Windows Live Search Marketing Kicks In

No matter what the pundits say, the new Microsoft Cashback program along with some continued efforts on other marketing programs such as Club Live seem to have worked in June. MSN/Live search was the only major engine in June to post higher volumes of search queries. Everyone else, including the big dog Google, saw a decline. This seems even more impressive when you put this in the context of the

YouTube: MTV On Demand

Spend a few minutes on YouTube, and it’s easy to find the videos most popular among users of the site. While looking at what viewers watched is indeed interesting, looking back a step to see what visitors to the site actually wanted to watch (evidenced by what they searched for), provides an unfiltered peek into users intentions for visiting the site. The list below shows the top 40 terms visitors

Manchester United, Juventus, Liverpool All Winners in the U.S. Online Game

With the bulk of the major soccer competitions coming to a close in Europe over the past couple months, it seems like a good time to give out one final trophy. While this one may not be quite as prestigious as a league championship or the Champions League or Euro title, the battle for the top European club online in the U.S. is still a heated one. And judging from

June Top Movers – Foxes and Tigers and Buzz… Oh my!

On the web, visitor traffic can ebb and flow more than the the Bay of Fundy tides and looking at how this traffic shifts over time provides a great snapshot of what is top-of-mind among consumers at any given point in time. With the June data we released earlier this week, now is a great time to look reflect on the sites that experienced a tsunami of incoming traffic in

Will the Blackberry Bold Keep RIM Customers from Churning to Apple?

The new Apple iPhone is coming out on July 11th, and the media buzz surrounding its launch has been a bit over-the-top. It remains to be seen if the iPhone 3G will make as big a splash as some analysts say it will, but if does there could be disruptive consequences for its competitors. So who’s the most at risk? I took a look at OEM customers’ affinity for Apple

Can Unified Communications Solutions Become More Popular Than the Pipe That Enables Them?

No one loves gadgets, cool services and devices more than I do. In fact, I have had a "one-number" service in play off and on since the early days of cellular phones, circa ’96. I think I may have just dated myself. Despite my own infatuation with the latest and greatest communications solutions, I was very surprised to learn that consumer interest in Unified Communications during much of "˜07 eclipsed

Check out June Data on Compete Site Analytics!

Summer is here, and so are Compete Site Analytics for June!

State of the Auto Insurance Market: An Interview with Jon Swallen of TNS Media Intelligence

I recently had the opportunity to interview Jon Swallen, SVP of Research for TNS Media Intelligence, about his thoughts on the auto insurance market. Jon has more than 25 years of experience in the media research industry. For the past 5 years, he’s been responsible for mining the TNS-MI database of ad spend activity and extracting insights on key market segments, including auto insurance. Prior to joining TNS-MI, Jon held

Which PGA Tour Sponsor is Getting the Biggest Benefit Online?

According to the PGA there are 27 million golfers in the US. For marketers, golf enthusiasts are an enticing target segment; according to the Golf Channel, their average viewer has a household income of $76,000 (compared to approximately $48,000 for all Americans). That may help explain why so many PGA tournaments have corporate sponsors — The Honda Classic, the Wachovia Championship, the AT&T Pebble Beach ProAm to name a few.

TripAdvisor Poised For Success, the largest travel community on the web and one of the hottest sites within the travel category, has shown impressive growth after a 2008 site redesign. Like most travel-related sites, experienced a lull in activity in the winter months of 2007. However, since January 2008 an average of 6.6 million US unique visitors have viewed the pages of TripAdvisor. In May 2008 TripAdvisor’s US audience was 7 million

Zillow Unveils New "Mortgage Marketplace" Offering

About eighteen months ago we wrote about the emergence of – the innovative real estate site that allows one to obtain a "Zestimate" of a residential property’s market value based on the company’s proprietary formula. While most people associate the Zillow brand primarily with home value estimation services, the company has increasingly expanded its product offerings. In April of this year Zillow launched a mortgage service called "Zillow Mortgage