So Far, Hillary Supporters Haven't Boarded the Obama Express

Fueled by a 65% rebound in visitors to his website, Barack Obama recently reported raising a near record $52 million during the month of June. This haul represented a significant boost from the $22 million he raised in May when he was still in a heated battle with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. While the total is indeed staggering, less reported was a recent Washington Post analysis that found that only $1.8 million (or 3.5%) of this sum was given by former Hillary Clinton donors.

Perhaps they are waiting for an olive branch vice presidential invitation. Or maybe, they are biding their time hoping Obama stumbles come November, paving the way for a Clinton resurrection in 2012. Whatever the underlying reason, it seems that Clinton’s most active supporters have yet to rally behind Obama.

The FaceTime chart below illustrates the degree to which the Democratic candidates have attracted the attention of voters throughout the race. The FaceTime metric quantifies the total amount of time voters spent online each month with candidates across their official website as well as their related sites on places such as MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and Even though Clinton ended her campaign on June 7th, for the month she still managed to grab 15% of Democratic FaceTime, while the remaining share went almost entirely to Obama.

Further, the chart below illustrates the degree to which Obama’s official website is attracting once active Hillary supporters (defined as those who made three or more website visits to during the final two months of her candidacy). Through July 19th, Obama’s site had only managed to attract the attention of 11% of Clinton’s formerly active supporters.

In response, the Obama’s have recently ratcheted up their outreach to women, hoping to bring this large group of Clinton supporters into the fold. Of course Obama has proven himself to be a masterful organizer and fundraiser, able to raise millions at the drop of an email. With all Obama has going for him at this point in the race, and in lieu of all the baggage the GOP standard bearer (John McCain) carries, whether or not Clinton hold-outs fall in line may end up not really mattering come November.

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