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So Far, Hillary Supporters Haven't Boarded the Obama Express

Fueled by a 65% rebound in visitors to his website, Barack Obama recently reported raising a near record $52 million during the month of June. This haul represented a significant boost from the $22 million he raised in May when he was still in a heated battle with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. While the total is indeed staggering, less reported was a recent Washington Post analysis that found

Update: Show Me the Money – Google, Yahoo!, MSN Finance Sections on the Rise

It’s no secret that the economy is currently in a state of flux. Rising oil and gas prices have a way of financially affecting almost every aspect of our lives. The word "recession" has been floating around for the better part of a year now and worried consumers are trying to keep tabs on the financial markets more than ever. This consumer anxiety becomes apparent when looking into the traffic

Public Transportation: Are People Doing Something About Gas Prices?

The rising cost of gasoline has become a problem for many people who drive to work every day, or even drive in general, for that matter. Everyone talks about doing something about it, but is it actually having an effect on people? In order to find out, the top fifty public transportation website domains were taken from the "Bus and Train" category, sites such as,, and the ever-popular

Chase Launches "Chase Exclusives": Is the Campaign Gaining Traction Online?

In June 2008 Chase launched an innovative marketing program called Chase Exclusive that provided preferred offers to its existing online checking account customers. The campaign promoted "better rates," "more rewards," and "bigger discounts" to this group of consumers. Undoubtedly the aim of this program was to increase customer retention and grow the bank’s overall share of wallet amongst its consumer base across multiple product lines. Michael Cleary, head of product

A Look at the Credit Card Aggregation Space

There has been a lot of attention given lately to the credit card aggregation space. Perhaps it is partially based on the success of which intended to go public earlier this year but withdrew its filing in March due to market volatility. Credit card aggregators provide information on different credit cards on their sites, and then "transfer" those consumers to the issuers’ sites to apply. In the case of

LG's Chocolate 3 – Moving in Reverse?

Before the iPhone was engrained in the public’s consciousness, LG and Verizon Wireless released a little music-capable phone called the Chocolate. While it didn’t cause people to abandon their iPods, it did have an attention-grabbing "slider" form factor. The Chocolate proliferated in colors (9 in total) over the last 2 years and the hardware was upgraded about a year ago, but the slider design remained the most recognizable aspect of

Where Does a Trucker Go When He Decides He Can't Afford His Truck Anymore?

It’s not any real news that full-size pickup trucks are taking a beating in today’s economy. With gas prices over $4 per gallon and the housing market still in a funk, pickup sales are getting worse with each passing month. Here at Compete we’ve been studying the situation and have seen demand for large pickups (F-Series, Silverado, Tundra, etc.) fall to record lows over the past few months. So the

Facebook vs. Linkedin – Network, Socialize, Be Professional?

In at least one way, early social networks are like a high school party – when parents get home the fun stops and everybody leaves. But as social elements become the driving force behind many of the web’s most popular sites, an increasing number of consumers young and old are finding casual online conversation crucial in maintaining and expanding business relationships…which helps explain howLinkedin recently closed a round of funding

Update: Cable Nets and Online Video Sites: Who's Winning the Online Audience?

My new favorite television show is Dexter, which tells the story of a serial killer who only preys on the bad guys. After marathon viewings of season one on video, and waiting impatiently for season two to be released, I stumbled on links on Hulu to episodes on Showtime’s site. Branding is important for cable networks, as it helps attract advertisers and cable subscribers. Online video is new, and I’m

Online Financial Services Monthly Performance Update for May 2008

During May, there were up ticks in shoppers for both deposits and home loans, while demand for credit cards slowly angled downward. May performance shows us how rough a year it has been with almost all segments down in terms of year-over-year volume. Even though deposits and home equity have achieved large gains over the previous month, both segments are far from the momentum of last year. The credit card

Are Social Conservatives Starting to Fall in Line Behind John McCain?

Given the struggling economy, rampant Bush fatigue, and a host of other issues, any GOP candidate would seemingly have an insurmountable set of challenges to overcome this fall. John McCain’s task is even greater, in some respects, given that while he generally appeals to many moderates and independents, social conservatives (the traditionally large and influential wing of the party) have so far seen little to get excited about in his