Monthly Archives: June 2008

Be the First to Discover the Next iPhone!

It seems that with technology-driven products these days the race against obsolescence begins the moment you bring a product home from the store. There’s always something newer, faster, smaller or better just on the horizon. Consumers’ thirst for the latest and greatest gadget has also caused increasingly volatile consumer interest around product launches. Below is a graph of the online consumer interest of a number of "successful" consumer electronics devices.

Does the Web Really Matter in This Election?

For the past year I’ve offered analysis on this and other questions relating to the ongoing presidential election. I recently had the opportunity to speak on the topic at Compete’s Client Forum. I was privileged to have been joined on the stage by Evan Tracey, COO of TNS Media/CMAG. Those that follow the election have likely seen Evan on the major news networks providing insight into how the campaigns are

Will Progressive Make Green From its Green Sponsorship?

In March, Progressive and the X PRIZE Foundation announced that Progressive is the corporate sponsor for the Automotive X PRIZE (now known as the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE). The Automotive X PRIZE offers $10M to the team that can win a cross-country race in a vehicle with limited emissions while achieving at least 100mpg. It sounds like Progressive is funding the $10M prize, although it’s unclear whether that is