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Hey Chrysler, Where Is Your Hybrid?

Chrysler LLC recently announced its Refuel America campaign where buyers of new Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles get a fixed $2.99/gal at the gas pump for the next three years. They are aiming to save their customers money by keeping gas prices set during these periods of economic fluctuation and uncertainty. But are consumers more concerned with price per gallon or miles per gallon? Compete took a look at shoppers

May Search Market Share: Nothing But Google

Update: We just posted new search market share data. Read about it! When is Compete going to stop adjusting their search market share methodology? To be perfectly honest "¦ never. It’s what we do, analyze our data and strive to bring you the most accurate perspective on what consumers are doing online. Improvement sometimes means change"¦ for the better. We recently did an exhaustive dive into our data over the

Will Hulu Replace Your TV?, the online video site owned jointly by NBC Universal and News Corporation (Fox) launched earlier this year, currently streams numerous network and cable television programs (and a few movies too), including the majority of NBC’s and Fox’s Primetime lineups. Both and continue to stream most of their respective programming, either in the form of clips or full episodes, free of charge and with far fewer commercials than

Bon Jovi and Saturn: A Good Match?

Which can you better recall: the model name of Saturn‘s sport sedan or the lyrics to Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer? Troy Clarke, President of GM North America, is guessing that you probably know more about Tommy and Gina than the 2008 Saturn Aura. Clarke concedes that Saturn has a "basic awareness problem" and that it is time to rethink the brand so that it becomes as memorable as

Apple Releases Second-Generation iPhone for $199

Rumors around the much-anticipated second-generation iPhone release have been swirling for months. On Monday Apple finally gave the public what they’ve been asking for: a faster iPhone with more business-user functionality & some way-cool apps, all at half the price ($199, w/2-year contract). Analysts are already claiming victory for Apple, predicting they will beat their goal of 10million devices sold by the end of the year. But is there any

Designer? Come work for Compete!

Are you a rock star UI designer looking for a full-time job? Are you up for the challenge of making complex sets of data visually appealing. Would you be happier with an extra $500 in your wallet and have a lot of friends who own Adobe Creative Suite? Do you hate how poorly the image to the right was photoshopped? If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above,

Parts is Parts… Or Is It $Opportunity$ for Struggling OEMs?

While new vehicle sales continue to plunge, OEMs must look for other avenues to recover their losses. Could the parts and service divisions be the answer? In part, yes. Shoppers are looking for their next new vehicle less according to Compete’s monthly "in-market shopper" metrics (down 15% from April last year, not shown), but evidently, are researching parts more. Compete analyzed the number of prospects researching for automotive parts and

Guest Post: —Vacation Rental Site Leverages Compete Data to Get Started

Guest Author: TJ Mahony, CEO & Co-Founder, (Former Managing Director at Compete) Many moons ago, Carl Query and I helped create After working at Compete for five years and watching it grow from a little start-up to an industry leading web analytics firm, Carl and I decided it was time to start our own company. Armed with a little angel money, an idea and Compete data we set

Hummer Shutdown – What Will Arnold Drive Now??

It’s hard to miss Hummer‘s distinctive and recognizable design traits once you see one on the road. The boxy, anti-aerodynamic, beast of a vehicle is recognized worldwide. Jean Halliday stated in an AdAge article today, "As recently as 2006 the truck was still seen by many consumers as a fun — even cool — ride, making regular appearances in Hollywood (notably on HBO’s “Entourage”) and at big sporting and red-carpet

What's Next"¦ An F-150 for Free???

Well we all know the rise in gas prices is not new news. The price per barrel of crude oil is the leading story in virtually every daily publication. $120, $125, $130, $136 (a record) are all numbers we are unfortunately far too familiar with these days. With these prices translating to roughly $4/gallon at the pump not only are consumers taking a hit but so are the leading pickup

American Idol In Retrospect

Now that another season of American Idol has completed its run, it is time to look at the hits and misses of the season. If I have to single out the most shocking moment of this season then it would be the margin by which David Cook beat his fellow contestant. I must admit, I felt sorry for poor David Archuleta, I really thought that the winner would be announced