What You Have Been Asking For… Today We Are Launching Compete PRO and Ranked Lists!

We have been listening to your feedback, working hard to launch the next generation of Compete.com. So today, we are very proud to announce the launch of Compete PRO!

Compete’s mission in life is to help marketers measure and increase the effectiveness of their marketing programs. Our analyst teams have been doing this for years with big brands in the Automotive, Telecom, Financial Services, Travel and Media markets. Within the past year, Compete.com has become a go-to-resource for more than one million marketers every month. And now, Compete PRO extends this vision, bringing new products and deeper looks into our data.

What is Compete PRO and why did we create it?

Compete PRO is the most comprehensive online measurement platform available in the industry — combining site analytics, search analytics and audience measurement in a single service. We created Compete PRO as a resource for savvy marketers looking for deeper information across a larger universe of sites, segments, search terms and campaigns.

When we launched Compete.com two years ago, we opened up access to audience measurement and web analytics data that had only been available to large companies who could afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars a year in annual subscription fees. Compete.com changed that.

With today’s launch of Compete PRO, we are adding new metrics, new reports and new payment plans that continue our philosophy of premium-grade online metrics at a lower price than our competitors. Lower prices mean that more companies will have access to this data, which in turn means more innovation and growth in the online marketing space. That’s good for everybody!

What new reports will Compete PRO members have access to?

Compete PRO members will receive the largest amount of information available on Compete.com, including:

  • Search Analytics: New search term, site and market category report packages that enable 50, 150 and 250 reports to be run every month
  • Site Analytics: New metrics, daily updates and a full twenty-five months of history reporting on Reach, Page Views and Visitor Engagement
  • Ranked Lists: Fully tap into Compete’s data by downloading ranked lists of up to 500,000 sites, ranked by any metric available on Compete.com

Our product roadmap includes the addition of many new metrics, a continuously streamlined interface that matches how you use Compete.com and new tools that encourage more functions within companies to tap into the rich consumer data. Some of the new information members can expect to receive will include metrics from our TNS sister companies including social media metrics from Cymfony, as well as monthly ad spending and occurrence data from our Media Intelligence colleagues.

What does it cost?

Compete PRO is offered through three packages that give you access to more reports and deeper looks into the data. We will also offer enterprise-level packages for customers that need full access to Compete’s industry leading data and insights. Of course we will still offer free membership through MyCompete!

Compete PRO puts more insights and data into EVERY marketers’ hands. Whether you are a brand marketer, product marketer, or search marketer you will find that Compete PRO will pay back your investment in the matter of days. We love what it offers, but more importantly we hope you do too!

About Gregg Poulin:
Gregg Poulin is a General Manager at Compete. Gregg spends his time at Compete ensuring information is available to the masses. Before Gregg joined the Compete Team he sold womens' shoes and coffee machines online. Gregg hopes to one day be a toll taker or chief hamburger flipper. Follow Gregg on Twitter @greggpoulin or connect with him on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=4373891&authType=name&authToken=TdwV

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