Bon Jovi and Saturn: A Good Match?

Which can you better recall: the model name of Saturn‘s sport sedan or the lyrics to Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer? Troy Clarke, President of GM North America, is guessing that you probably know more about Tommy and Gina than the 2008 Saturn Aura. Clarke concedes that Saturn has a "basic awareness problem" and that it is time to rethink the brand so that it becomes as memorable as a hit Bon Jovi song.

Saturn has sponsored Bon Jovi in the past and on April 4th they announce that Saturn would again sponsor the Jersey boys’ upcoming Lost Highway world tour. But does the Saturn brand resonate with Bon Jovi fans? Using Compete’s BehaviorMatchâ„¢ product, we can determine which automotive sites attracted the highest concentration of Bon Jovi fans"”defined as people visiting or searching for Bon Jovi-related content"”last April.

The good news is that with an index of 306, attracted an above average concentration of Bon Jovi fans. However, they were number 7 on the list of automotive websites while earned and index of 671. Meanwhile, attracted the highest number of fans and with indexing highly, it would appear that many of these fans are also Toyota owners.

What additional sponsorship opportunities might Saturn consider? To answer this, we examined which touring acts best attracted Saturn prospects and stood to benefit from the segment’s attendance.

John Mellencamp’s site, attracted the highest concentration of Saturn prospects by a large margin. Were each of these prospects to purchase a ticket at the median price they would contribute $74,000 in touring revenue. However, that figure would be about $233,000 for the Lost Highway tour, which would go a long way to help out Tommy and Gina while giving the Aura and other Saturn cars a recognizable boost.

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