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What You Have Been Asking For… Today We Are Launching Compete PRO and Ranked Lists!

We have been listening to your feedback, working hard to launch the next generation of So today, we are very proud to announce the launch of Compete PRO! Compete’s mission in life is to help marketers measure and increase the effectiveness of their marketing programs. Our analyst teams have been doing this for years with big brands in the Automotive, Telecom, Financial Services, Travel and Media markets. Within the

E*Trade: The Right Stuff "Baby"?

Everyone’s favorite investor in diapers is back as the E*Trade Baby makes a new appearance promoting Mobile E*Trade Pro. By now I’m sure most of us have seen those popular E*TRADE Baby advertisements either on television or online. There are now three ads with the mobile variation joining the E*Trade Banking Baby and E*Trade Trading Baby. The previous versions have both gained over a million views on YouTube since the

May Online Video Market Share: ABC Signs Up With Veoh; Fancast and Hulu Tango

Things are heating up in online video and it’s not just the nice summer weather. In May, Disney-owned ABC made its first public move to embrace online distribution by signing up with The move could be seen as a defensive play against Hulu, the NBCU-News Corp joint venture and ABC has previously announced plans to release an embed-friendly player this fall, though not ruled out working with Hulu. While

Interview with Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik (Part 2 of 2)

If you missed it yesterday, please check out Part 1 of Compete’s interview with author, blogger and analytics evangelist Avinash Kaushik, which discussed Web Analytics 2.0 and the best tools to use, among other things. Are free tools really all that a company needs? When should you pay for premium content? No. Scared you, did I not? 🙂 No, free tools are not all that a company might need. I

Compete on Fox Business: Discussing Campaign Finance

Barack Obama heads into the general election with several key advantages over John McCain, not the least of which is his campaign’s deep pockets and proven ability to raise millions at the drop of an email. Last week Obama reversed his position on public campaign financing, opting instead to go it alone. Yesterday I had the opportunity to discuss this and other issues surrounding the Obama campaign on the Fox

Interview with Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik (part 1 of 2)

For five years Compete has invited marketing pioneers from across the US to participate in its annual Client Forum. Among this year’s presenters was author, blogger and analytics evangelist Avinash Kaushik. He entertained and educated us on how to turn web analytics into actionable insights. I decided to interview him for the blog to share what we learned with anyone that could not attend. During the Compete Client Forum you

Top Moving Search Terms — Tragedy drives traffic

Back in February, we reported on the highest volume search terms across the web, and found that some terms drove consistently larger volumes of traffic, while more dynamic terms helped shed light on consumer mindset during a period. With that in mind, we recently took another look at high volume search terms. However, this time around, we focused specifically on those terms that experienced the most growth from April to

May Search Market Share Update: Crowd Sourcing Works!

See I told you we wouldn’t stop! As it turns out people are paying attention to this search share stuff. On Monday we released our May Search Share numbers. As a result of some conversations we were having with Danny Sullivan in parallel we sent over our "rules" we use to mine the search data. Danny threw these up on his post reviewing our data and one savvy reader very

Chevy Cobalt – The Next Best Thing to a Hybrid?

YAGS! In case you’ve missed it, the U.S. has hit a bit of an economic bump in the road. In a rare show of bi-partisan support, the government passed a stimulus package bill, but those checks are quickly being diverted to pay for increasingly expensive food and European-style gas prices. With gas prices hitting record highs almost every day and thus requiring a new story, I think these articles deserve

Intel Re-Enters the Mobile Market — What's Different This Time Around?

Earlier this month, Intel announced they were getting back into the semiconductor market for mobile phones, a market they just recently left in 2006. So why the change of heart? Increasing interest in high-end, high-powered devices for one. As consumers become more interested in using their mobile phones for more than just making calls, they need devices that have more horsepower. For Intel it means an opportunity to be that

Vehicle Website Shopping Tools – A Predictor of Sales

Vehicle purchasers are twice as likely to visit one of the four key shopping tools on a manufacturer’s website as the typical internet browser! It’s easy to see why key shopping tools would have such a close tie-in with sales. They are the proverbial lower-funnel purchasing steps; if you’re looking for a quote or researching a nearby dealer, then you’re definitely serious about buying. But if you’re browsing the photo