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Twitter Traffic Explosion: Who's behind it all?

Twitter has made headlines for some amazingly powerful stuff lately; breaking the news of recent China’s earthquake; partnering with MySpace for it’s "data availability" project; even helping a student get out of jail! All of these speak to the growing popularity of Twitter, and also help to explain it’s recent scaling issues. But how big is twitter, who uses it and how? Growth a tween would be proud of. In

Multi-Cultural Marketing Part II: Hola! To Online Hispanic Wireless Prospects

I was recently reading a press release published by mobile marketing company HipCricket that talked about the Hispanic segment leading the way in mobile data usage. It said that this segment was watching more videos, sending more photos, and using SMS more than the general population. Some wireless companies have taken notice and are running specific media campaigns to reach this segment. For example, Sprint sponsors Colombian pop star Jaunes,

Don't Stop Believing — How Dodge Is Making the Journey Into Digital Marketing

Dodge is in the midst of launching their new cross-over-utility vehicle, Journey, and is depending on more digital marketing than they ever have before. The Journey is a competitively priced mid-size crossover utility vehicle that Dodge is hoping will attract a high percentage of conquest customers to the brand. Early in April, Dodge took over the homepage on AOL, Yahoo! and MSNBC advertising the Journey with a tie-in to their

Music Industry Downfall, Part II: The Rise of Social Streaming – Update

If any industry has felt the brunt of the internet as a disruptive technology, it’s the music industry, which has been dealt a heavy blow by the onset of digital music distribution. On the April 28, the RIAA again confirmed this state of affairs when reporting that CD sales, the mainstay of the business for the last 15 years, were down a whopping 20.5% in 2007. Then on May 2,

Pickup Trucks: OEMs! Where are you?

Yesterday, a colleague of mine was searching keyword results on and came across an interesting, albeit surprising finding. When searching for the keywords "pickup trucks" not one OEM appeared in the top 25 destination sites. That means that Ford, Chevy, GMC or any of the other more recent additions to this market, were not top destination sites for people searching for pickup trucks. So what’s the deal? Based on

Why You Should Consider Segment-Driven Marketing

Most major advertisers have become pretty good at SEO. So, once you have wrung out all the benefits from search optimization, what’s next? How about targeting your message to the right group of consumers at the right time in the right place? That is the principal behind segment-driven marketing. Compete recently fielded a survey to marketers to see how they are utilizing target segments in their marketing efforts. Overall, the

UAW Strikes Back at GM's Latest Success Story – How Will It Impact Malibu?

On May 5 the UAW struck GM’s Fairfax assembly plant in Kansas City, which makes the hot-selling Chevrolet Malibu sedan. The strike comes at a particularly inopportune time as a prolonged work stoppage could severely hurt the tremendous momentum Malibu has built up since its launch in October. Since launching in Q4, Malibu demand has soared to new highs, surpassing all other models market-wide in January. Record demand has also

Does Fuel-Efficient Messaging Drive the Auto Industry? Prius Thinks So

On Monday, the Energy Information Association released its latest gas price data; the U.S. price at the pump (all grades) stood at $3.51 at the end of April, the highest price on record. The conversation surrounding oil prices and the economy has made the price of gas a hot topic across political debates and fuel economy a component of recent automotive campaigns. Does the price of gas actually run the

Now that everyone (and their mom) is on Facebook, where are the young adults hanging out?

I was playing around with the fancy new chat feature in Facebook a couple nights ago, and started talking to my college buddy from a few years back. Soon I was chatting with my boyfriend’s mom, and eventually started talking to my 11 year-old cousin. I started to realize just how clear it’s become that Facebook is no longer just for college kids. In fact, social networking is beginning to

Compete Brief: Consumers Respond to AA Flight Cancellations

It’s been a rough couple of months for airlines. On the heels of Aloha, ATA, Frontier, and Skybus all going bankrupt, American Airlines cancelled over 3,000 flights over safety concerns, stranding tens of thousands of passengers and disrupting air transportation across the U.S. In the week following the flight groundings, Compete fielded a survey to 429 consumers to poll them about their awareness and opinions of the problems at AA.

Electronics and Fashion Among Top eBay Searches

eBay has grown over the years to become a major center for online purchasing. In March 2008, over 75 million Americans visited eBay. Two thirds of these visitors performed a search on the site. This begs the question, what was being searched for? Below is a table with the top 10 out of the 30 most searched terms on eBay in March 2008. The "Share" for each term is determined