Movie Searches: No Country Adds Top Search Honors to Awards List

Wanna see a movie? You’re not alone. Every weekend, millions of Americans head to their local cineplex to trade $20 for questionably buttered popcorn, sugar soda and a seat cushion in the name of entertainment. Magazine franchises, personal careers and the entire microeconomy of Southern California rise and fall with the popularity waves of this weekly ritual. As with most things, many moviegoers turn to the internet to guard against the bad movie experience, and a shortlist of the most-searched terms on the top movie reference sites indicates where popular opinion settled for the month.

Click on the chart to see the full list

Fresh off its Oscar sweep, the Coen Brothers’ award-winning No Country for Old Men ranks at the top in March, edging out the Harry Potter juggernaut, both of which hold a comfortable lead over the rest. This blended share metric also reveals the buzz of upcoming movies (the yet-to-be-released Batman sequel catches the 10th spot) as well as general television trends (ABC’s Lost grabs #3).

An extended updated list of the most searched cinema terms is available on Compete’s DataHub. Of course, popularity in the film world is short-lived, and few of March’s high-rollers will survive to the next month. Make sure to check back soon to see what bubbled to the top in the most recent of cinema searches!

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