Multi-Cultural Marketing Part II: Hola! To Online Hispanic Wireless Prospects

I was recently reading a press release published by mobile marketing company HipCricket that talked about the Hispanic segment leading the way in mobile data usage. It said that this segment was watching more videos, sending more photos, and using SMS more than the general population.

Some wireless companies have taken notice and are running specific media campaigns to reach this segment. For example, Sprint sponsors Colombian pop star Jaunes, running a multimedia campaign earlier this year that allowed fans on the Sprint network to watch video mobisodes on their Sprint device and download Juanes content like ringers, tracks, and screensavers.

Last week we used Compete’s Behavior match to look at the young adult segment, and this week I used it to see which music sites Hispanic Wireless Prospects over-index on versus the general internet browser population. Not surprisingly they mainly fell into two categories: music video sites and sites to download mobile musical content. By understanding the traffic makeup to these types of sites, Sprint (and other mobile marketers) can make their campaigns even more effective at reaching and engaging the target audience.

So, where are these Hispanic Wireless Prospects hanging out on the web?

  • (Hispanic Wireless Prospects are 6x more likely to visit than IBP) Jamster offers content from around the world including music, mobile games, and original content made exclusively for mobile phones.
  • (5.4x more likely to visit): A social network where millions of fans and artists discover new music, videos, and photos, and share their tastes with friends.
  • (4.7x more likely to visit): An Internet TV service that gives viewers the power to discover, watch, and personalize their online viewing experience.
  • (3x more likely to visit): Rhapsody is a digital music service that lets you listen to whatever you want for a monthly fee or download tracks and albums at an online store.

For companies like Sprint who are trying to make a play for the Hispanic segment, these four sites may be worthwhile media buys for promoting Hispanic initiatives. But how do you decide which one is the best?

From a numbers perspective, it appears that and would be great sites to place a targeted ad trying to reach the Hispanic Wireless Prospects — they got lots of traffic, and visitors are spending more time and looking at more pages. Adios!

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