Don't Stop Believing — How Dodge Is Making the Journey Into Digital Marketing

Dodge is in the midst of launching their new cross-over-utility vehicle, Journey, and is depending on more digital marketing than they ever have before. The Journey is a competitively priced mid-size crossover utility vehicle that Dodge is hoping will attract a high percentage of conquest customers to the brand.

Early in April, Dodge took over the homepage on AOL, Yahoo! and MSNBC advertising the Journey with a tie-in to their new corporate campaign. The period during the home page takeover drove internet attention for to near period highs.’s attention over those days was driven by unique visitors to the Journey model page —peaking on April 11th at almost 50% of the sites total unique visitors.

So it appears the advertising worked, it drove traffic (increased unique visitors) and awareness (attention) of Journey. But was Dodge able to get the conquest prospects they were targeting?

Compete’s Behavior Match can help auto makers target a conquest audience with their advertising. By examining the density of competitive brand shoppers on those sites in the month prior to Dodge’s advertising, March of 2008, we can see which site might offer the best reach.

  • MSNBC and AOL were both good sites for targeting competitive prospects, as they were more saturated with folks shopping competitive brands online than other sites.
  • While had the largest number of people looking at all the brands, it indexed on par with the general population (98).
  • By looking at the sites with the higher index, we see which sites were better locations for Journey to spend money. In this case, and had the richer vehicle shopping audience.

Targeting Journey advertising on and gave Dodge an opportunity to get the vehicle in front of competitive shoppers. If they are able to convert them into sales these are customers the brand will welcome with "Open Arms.”

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