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April Video Market Share: YouTube Defies Laws of Gravity, Hulu Has Some Catching Up To Do

When will the YouTube phenomenon slow down? Laws of math and physics suggest it has to some time, but it certainly wasn’t in April. YouTube shot up 2.4 points in market share, way faster than any of its competitors, to set a new record of 50.4% of all video viewing sessions on the web. Meanwhile Yahoo!, MySpace and TimeWarner dipped slightly. Also, Veoh slid a bit in April, but continues

Movie Searches: No Country Adds Top Search Honors to Awards List

Wanna see a movie? You’re not alone. Every weekend, millions of Americans head to their local cineplex to trade $20 for questionably buttered popcorn, sugar soda and a seat cushion in the name of entertainment. Magazine franchises, personal careers and the entire microeconomy of Southern California rise and fall with the popularity waves of this weekly ritual. As with most things, many moviegoers turn to the internet to guard against

Heavyweight Harley-Davidson Failing to Keep Up with Surging Scooters

With Memorial Day behind us, the summer driving season is officially underway. You probably heard that AAA estimated a decrease in motor traffic over the holiday weekend for the first time since 2002. But even if gas prices, which climbed another four cents while you were reading the last sentence, are finally beginning to impact leisure travel, millions of Americans who cannot cut back on driving to and from work

Environmental Issues Turning Many Into Treehuggers

Remember when calling someone a "tree hugger" was supposed to be an insult? Now with global warming becoming a prominent issue, it seems to be worn like a badge of honor and I’m sure there are people who would hug a lot worse than trees to get a traffic trend like has. The one-stop-shopping site for everything green has seen substantial growth over the past two years with unique

April Search Market Share: Yahoo! Up"¦ A Little

Last month I posted the search market share numbers and pointed out that Club Live was generating substantial volume of search traffic. I also decided last month to exclude this volume of search queries based on some feedback from all of you. Well it seems there are a number of readers with a whole host of opinions on this matter. Unfortunately there are an equal number of you that agreed

Huffington Post Readers: More Diverse Than You Think

Playing to your base may be standard operating procedure in politics, but the left-leaning Huffington Post appears to have attracted a more diverse audience than one might expect. Last February, Golf Lovers and Technology Enthusiasts joined Environmentalists, Gay-Rights Activists and other "progressives" to comprise a portion of the over 1.9 million unique visitors to the Post that month. In fact, while 34% of the Post’s visitors also visit other liberal

iPhone Subsidies Could Be Apple's Ticket to the Mainstream Market

Rumors have been flying this month that Apple and/or AT&T will begin subsidizing iPhone sales, which could total up to 50% of the device’s current selling price. That would mean getting an iPhone for $199 with a two year contract, the kind of price consumers have come to expect for standard high end handsets. Back in June 2007, just before the original iPhone was released (has it been a year

Meeting of the Giants: Composition Index of the Top Advertisers and Publishers

The Top 50 Online Advertisers spent $294 million in February, according to TNS Media Intelligence. But how did they know where to spend it? Using Compete’s BehaviorMatch, we took a look at where prospects and customers of a few of the Top 50 spend time online. For the 4 advertisers below, we observed each brand’s Composition Index at the largest ad-supported sites, also known in net parlance as publishers. A (temporary) 2-for-1 Credit "Split"

Over the last few weeks, rumors about major Search related acquisitions have popped up just about every day. While these acquisitions may never come to fruition, they speak to the value that the web’s biggest properties see in the future of search. And though you may not be a shareholder in any of the companies involved it doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the situation. We highly encourage our

Are Consumers Going "˜Whoo Hoo' Over WaMu's New Campaign?

Beginning in February, Washington Mutual unveiled its new "Whoo Hoo!" campaign which tries to capture how its customers feel about the company’s brand (Figure 1). The bright magenta and blue ads are becoming a ubiquitous part of web navigation to some of the major portals, and it appears that some of the buzz around the brand is infectious given the double digit uptick in search traffic to WaMu’s checking pages

American Idol (Season 7) David Vs David: Who Is It Gonna Be?

Season seven of American Idol started with lots of buzz and now we are almost ready crown our next Idol. But before we gear up for next week’s finale, let’s see who is buzzing more in the online world. Starting on March 9th, after the selection of the final twelve contestants, we see that a steady growth in search activity for David Cook during the nine week period with two