Monthly Archives: April 2008

March Search Market Share: March Madness in the Search World

Things were ticking along nicely in the search world with not so much as a speed bump to be seen (set aside the market panic about Google’s paid click decline). Then along came March. Overall volume of search in March exploded, with total queries increasing over 6% and surpassing the 9 billion mark. That’s the biggest month-over-month increase in total search volume since July of last year. Interestingly enough this

Interview with Netbanker's Jim Bruene

We recently had the opportunity to interview Jim Bruene, author of the popular blog Netbanker. Netbanker is a leading online finance and banking blog which covers everything from online banking to person-to-person lending to mortgage lead generation. Jim has been providing insightful analysis and research of the online banking and finance industry for over 10 years. We asked Jim his thoughts on innovations in the online banking world. Here is

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Tivo "bundles" itself with telcos

In reporting their recent financial results, some telecom companies have said that their sector could become "softened" in 2008 thanks to the struggling US economy. One way telcos have tried to create stickier relationships and differentiate themselves has been to bundle multiple services, whether it be TV, broadband Internet, home phone or wireless services. Telcos market bundles as being more convenient (one bill), less expensive (volume discount) and complimentary (TV

Google's April Fools Hoaxes: Gaining Popularity, Fooling Anyone?

The April Fools hoaxes by Google have become widely known in some circles, but judging by the email I got from a friend this morning asking if I’d seen the new Gmail feature of Custom Time, not everyone has caught on. The pages are well done and it’s easy to see how someone not really paying attention could be fooled by some of the "new offers" at first glance. The