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Fundraising: McCain's $130 Million (and growing) Handicap

In the wake of a largely unpopular war and President, a stuttering economy, record high gas prices, and a depressed housing market, forget the "Year of the Rat," 2008 was supposed to be (and may yet prove to be) the "Year of the Democrats" back in the White House. Instead, though still early, the increasingly bitter battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is giving John McCain the cover to

Wanted Dead or Alive: The iPhone Killer

Just got back from CTIA in Vegas, and I have to admit I was a bit disappointed this year. There were very few of the blockbuster product launches typical of the show. In the ever-present race to discover the elusive "˜iPhone killer’, there were only a few notable device announcements (Sprint’s Samsung Instinct being a highlight), even though a number of companies positioned their next device as the latest and

ING Direct acquires Sharebuilder: Has it facilitated effective cross-sell?

In November 2007, ING Direct acquired personal investment site Sharebuilder. While the acquisition was said to be strategic in that ING Direct would now be able to offer investment options to its current customers, the question is whether this acquisition has achieved that goal. Specifically, did the acquisition increase demand amongst ING Direct’s current customers for Sharebuilder products? Read the farthest point to the right as: ~7% of ING Directs

Compete Nominated for a Webby and People's Choice!

Compete is one of five nominees for the Guides/Ratings/Reviews category in the 12th Annual Webby Awards. The Webby Awards honor superiority across the internet in 70 different categories. This nomination means that Compete is up for both the Webby Award and the corresponding People’s Voice Award, which takes the same nominees and puts it to the public to vote for their favorite ones. The competition is tough, but with your

Following the Money: Marketing to Affluent Internet Users

With affluent Americans making up a greater percentage of the online population than the population at large, there are unique opportunities for online marketers to reach this high-value target segment. One tool media planners can use to accomplish this is Compete’s Behavior Match product suite — a tool that scores the entire web and generates a list of the top several thousand sites matching the segment, in this case, affluent

As easy as 1, 2, 3, 4"¦ Get Ready for Quad-Play!

It seems like most people these days buy their cable TV, Internet and home phone service from one provider in one nice and neat package. Whether it’s to consolidate billing or to save a few bucks, bundling seems to be catching on. It’s catching on with the telco companies too who are looking for new products and services to bundle into their offerings. Last week I wrote about Comcast and

Obama v. Clinton: Ignore the Media Hype, This Race Isn't Close

With the majority of primary votes cast over a month ago, March was likely met with a fair amount of disappointment by anyone hoping the hoopla surrounding the presidential race would quiet down, if only for a moment. A lot happened on the way to the Democratic Party nomination last month and as Pennsylvania gears up for its primary next week, it’s worth looking back at events that shaped the

American Gladiators in the 21st Century — Please don't call it Reality TV!

For me, one of the most exciting shows of the winter season (I still can’t believe Nip/Tuck is over, damn you writers strike!) was NBC’s remake of popular game show American Gladiators. This was very exciting for many Americans, who felt like anyone could compete (like bowling) and that it embodied many aspects of the American Dream (work with me here). The media spend for the launch of this show

A Tradition Unlike Any Other: Buick Captures the PGA

For all of the golf enthusiasts out there, particularly in New England, nothing gets the blood pumping like warmer temps, melting snow and green grass. Another "unofficial" season kick-off is upon us as well — The Masters — with first round coverage beginning April 10th. For me and my group of golfing buddies this tournament has always been a great motivator for getting over the winter doldrums. Also, if you’re

If Clicks Were Investments: Early 2008 Financial Search Engine "Portfolio" Performance

With the dour state of the economy, would you be at all interested in investing ten-grand in a portfolio that returned 45% last year? If it was the Google Finance portfolio described in a previous blog, it wouldn’t be doing too much for you because you’d be down over 30% already. On average, the portfolios from our previous blog lost 24% of their value, were over 50% more volatile than

Check Out the March Data on Compete Site Analytics!

March Madness may be winding down, but March data is now live on Compete Site Analytics!