Multi-Cultural Marketing, Part I: Finding Korean Americans Online

Korean Americans represent less than 1% of the US population. Still, SK Telecom thinks that segment is valuable enough that it markets a Helio sub-brand called "Helio Powered by SK Telecom" that offers Korean-language phones and content "” and Korean-language advertising.

Because we’re thinking about segmentation more and more here at Compete, I took a look at areas online where Helio might be able to find Korean Americans and target them with advertising. So I used Behavior Match to check on the online habits of Korean-Americans. Behavior Match is Compete’s service that indexes all the sites on the web for a certain segment against the general US online population.

When looking at the sites where Korean Americans strongly over-index one category stood out: online video. Korean Americans were five (or more) times more likely to visit certain popular video sites than the general population. I’m not sure why that is, but these sites could be good spots to place advertising for Helio "” or even Korean ads for Helio Powered by SK Telecom.

  • (Korean Americans are 5.3x more likely to visit than general visitors): Veoh is an online TV site with thousands of videos. Veoh has some Korean-language content, but it is mainly focused on US TV.
  • (7.2x more likely to visit): Rapidshare is an online file-sharing site that is popular for video sharing.
  • (6.1x more likely to visit): Like Rapidshare, Megaupload is a file sharing site with a video angle.
  • (5.2x more likely to visit): Megavideo is Megaupload’s answer to YouTube and some of the traffic it sees links in from Megaupload.

Among these sites Veoh is the clear leader in overall traffic, and also leads in terms of time spent on site.

With a high concentration of Korean American visitors and significant time spent on the sites by all visitors, these five may be excellent media buys for Helio, or anyone looking to target the Korean American segment.

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