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Multi-Cultural Marketing, Part I: Finding Korean Americans Online

Korean Americans represent less than 1% of the US population. Still, SK Telecom thinks that segment is valuable enough that it markets a Helio sub-brand called "Helio Powered by SK Telecom" that offers Korean-language phones and content "” and Korean-language advertising. Because we’re thinking about segmentation more and more here at Compete, I took a look at areas online where Helio might be able to find Korean Americans and target

Online Video Market Share: Veoh Sneaks Past CBS & March Madness

The song remains the same at the top of the Video rankings in March: YouTube continues to outpace the market, growing 7.8% while the video viewing sessions across the web grew only 2.3%. Meanwhile Veoh narrowly maintained its spot in the Top 10, with phenomenal 23.8% monthly growth, edging out CBS Interactive by a very thin margin. The CBS Interactive division includes, which scored a 154% gain as the

Generating Quality Leads Online Isn't Easy, But It Can Be Done – Just Ask Pontiac.

I’m still gloating about winning my March Madness pool — Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Yes, I was glued to the TV during all games… yet, I can’t remember one single ad that aired. It’s sad for marketers really, if I was in fact who they were trying to reach; a college sports enthusiast! Which got me wondering… How much is typically spent on advertising during March Madness? TV Ad sales projected

Deep March Madness Run Yields More Applications

Now that the Final Four is a little more than a fortnight in the past, it is the appropriate time to reflect. No, not on the fact that you finished last in your office pool because you picked Oral Roberts to make it to the second weekend and Duke to still be playing come April (what were you thinking?). It’s time to look at the theoretical phenomenon known as the

Compete's Political Data Now on techPresident

Note to political junkies and anyone else curious about the race to determine the next occupant of the White House: Our friends over at have begun prominently featuring Compete’s presidential data (weekly unique visitors to the candidates’ websites) on their site. TechPresident is a great resource for those interested in the race and in particular the role of the web in influencing voters. We are grateful to them for

New Compete Study: Telco Consumers Ready for Quad-Play

Consumers have embraced the idea of the “triple-play," but what about the "quad-play"? Are they ready to bundle wireless with phone, TV and Internet? Yesterday the Telecommunications & Media practice here at Compete released an in-depth study that reveals consumer sentiment around telecom bundles, details the specific telecom companies best positioned to capitalize on the bundle opportunity, and identifies the implications for other companies along the telecom value chain. As

March Search Market Share Redux: Club Live Gets Us Again

As March search stats were published by the other major third party measurement companies over the past few weeks I started to get a little worried about our post from a couple of weeks ago. So we decided to go a little deeper into our data and as a result we did an extensive page level look at our search counts. Low and behold, it turns out we got bitten

Ouch! New England's Incredibly Shrinking VC Share

New England was a tough place to get funded in the first quarter of 2008. Venture capitalists in the region cut Q1 spending by 27% from a year ago. The retreat by the New Englander investors was much sharper than by their non-New England colleagues who cut their spending just 2%. As a result, New England’s share of venture capital funding declined from 13% of total US funding in Q1

Running on Empty? Double your credits today!

Yesterday, over 20,000 runners competed in the Boston Marathon, finishing up just a stone’s throw from Compete’s offices. This got us thinking about the similarities between Search strategy and long distance running: the race begins way before the starting gun; there’s no specific winning formula; everyone involved is in peak physical condition. Given Compete’s physical location at the end of a famous offline marathon, and at the start of high

Top YouTube Searches: Hip-Hop and Sex

Those worried that our country is swiftly going to hell in a hand basket will find little comfort in the list below. In just over two years, YouTube has skyrocketed in popularity to become a dominant part of our popular culture. Over 62 million Americans, or 1 in 3 people online in the U.S., visited YouTube in March. What types of videos are all these people looking for on the

Gaming Demand: Halo 3 snipes GTA4 – Wii still dominating the console war

In less than two weeks, crime will run rampant in the streets. Crime bosses will come to power, assaults will be made with deadly weapons, and thousands of autos will undoubtedly be stolen. Luckily the only thing harmed will be pixels. On April 29th, Rockstar’s newest episode in the Grand Theft Auto series hits shelves. The hype around Grand Theft Auto 4 has been immense, but the real question is: