March Madness: NCAA Sports is High Scorer

Did anyone notice their internet connection slowing to a crawl around noon on Thursday? I have to confess that I wasn’t in the office, as I headed to slightly more lively locales to take in the games. Several friends, who weren’t fortunate enough to be able to get out of the office, reported that it was taking an annoyingly long time for pages to load, starting right when the games started.

Attention to has been virtually non-existent over the past 30 days (and even longer), but with streaming coverage of all the NCAA tournament games, they saw a huge spike on Thursday. And that slight bump on March 16th? That’s when the brackets were announced.

Is the ability to actually watch the games the only reason people visit NCAA Sports in March, instead of other sports news sites?

Although March numbers were down slightly last year from ’06, no other time of the year, not even college football bowl season, comes close to producing the kind of traffic that sees from the basketball tournament. It looks like fans are just here to watch the games, and that they may prefer other sources for college sports news in general. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about streaming other sports too.

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