Brilliant! TNS buys Compete

This has already been a great year at Compete, and it’s about to get even more exciting. Earlier today it was announced that we are becoming part of TNS, the global market research giant. You can click here to read the press announcement that went over the wire in the UK this morning.

Some quick facts about TNS:

  • TNS is the third-largest market research firm across the globe (Honomichl)
  • TNS is the biggest provider of online market information in the world
  • TNS does more custom market research than any other firm worldwide
  • TNS Media Intelligence is the top-ranked ad spend measurement company
  • The TNS 6th Dimension access panels reach over two million consumers globally

Why are we excited about becoming part of the TNS family? Because it means joining our clickstream data with TNS’ massive consumer panel operations, consumer research capabilities and ad measurement databases on a global scale. Marrying online and offline consumer data with media spending and exposure is the holy grail of marketing. All of our marketer, agency and media partners will benefit from access to new consumer, brand and media research that will revolutionize how they plan and measure their performance. It’s a big, exciting vision that neither company could do on its own.

There are three things we can tell you about the merger now, and there’s more big news coming over the next few days. Here’s what we can share with you now:

1. New products. Compete will continue to operate as a stand-alone company, but we have already identified stellar new product opportunities to develop with the TNS media intelligence and custom research teams;

2. Biggest data. We already had the most clickstream data in the industry pre-merger, and now the TNS consumer panels extend our advantage over the other digital research companies;

3. Rapid growth. From the start, the Compete vision has always been to become the number one digital intelligence company in the world. TNS has tens of thousands of clients across 80 countries. That’s a nice global platform to be a part of.

This is great news for our valued clients because it means more aggressively rocking the foundations of marketing with Compete’s digital intelligence. We’re excited to join the TNS family and can’t wait to share more over the coming days and weeks — stay tuned, the best is yet to come.

We’ll be at the 4A’s this week in Orlando – come by the TNS Media Intelligence booth (number 516-518) and let us know what you think of our big news!

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