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Is ESPN Really "The Worldwide Leader in Sports"?

There are more sports television channels than ever, and new sports websites popping up every day, but ESPN is the self-declared "Worldwide Leader in Sports." So just how accurate is that tagline online? While consistently being the leader throughout height the baseball and football seasons, it seems that the slow sports months early in the year hit ESPN harder than both Yahoo! Sports and Sports Illustrated, which actually grew significantly

Boomers May Not Embrace Aging, But Investment Firms Can't Wait

The first of the baby boomers (born 1946-1964) registered for Social Security in October 2007. Over the next two decades, the boomers will retire, and the fight is on for their retirement savings. Financial Services researcher Cerulli Associates projects new IRA rollover contributions will increase from about $300M per year now to over $400M per year in 2012. Over the coming decade or two, there will be trillions of potential

Can Going Green Include Your Choice of Automobiles?

How green are you? My personal answer to that question is, not very. I took the "Green IQ" test on and scored 23 out of 100. I guess simply changing to energy efficient light bulbs and appliances are considered baby steps. I really need to start leaving my V8 in the garage and start walking or pedaling to the grocery story with my eco-friendly reusable grocery bags in tow"¦or"¦.perhaps

"Boost" Marketing by Looking Beyond the Obvious

Boost announced last week that it will begin its first-ever partner-sponsored advertising campaign targeted at its customers. Mobile web users will see ads for the new Keanu Reeves movie "Street Kings" or for the 2009 Acura TSX. At first glance, these connections make sense; Boost markets exclusively to a segment of youth-oriented, urban and multicultural consumers. So of course this particular segment would be interested in things"¦ well, urban and

February Online Video: Politics Offsets the Writer's Strike, Racks Up Impressive Year/Year Growth

The Writers’ Strike may have put a damper on online episodes of America’s favorite TV shows, but it certainly didn’t hold back the country from checking out video coverage of the primary election during the Super Duper Tuesday month of February. While traffic to online TV episodes and related video was essentially flat at the major portals in February due to a lack of fresh TV content and news, unique

March Madness: NCAA Sports is High Scorer

Did anyone notice their internet connection slowing to a crawl around noon on Thursday? I have to confess that I wasn’t in the office, as I headed to slightly more lively locales to take in the games. Several friends, who weren’t fortunate enough to be able to get out of the office, reported that it was taking an annoyingly long time for pages to load, starting right when the games

The Rich Get Richer: High-End Autos Not Feeling the Pinch

While looking at the other day it was impossible not to notice the main headlines — gold has reached record highs, the dollar continues to fall against foreign currencies, the market is down big-time and of course, gas prices continue to climb to record levels with some analyst speculating $4/gallon by this summer. Every day we read different articles about how to save at the pump. From fuel saving

Take Your Virtual Seats — Oprah Is Ready To Begin Class

For those of us who spend our careers immersed in digital marketing and all things "online," a live webcast doesn’t seem like big news. So when Oprah announced a live web event as part of her book club it didn’t seem like a huge deal to me (admittedly, I’m not one of her regular fans). What happened may surprise you. It surprised me! The number of visitors to topped

Social Addicts: How do Hardcore Facebook, MySpace and Twitter users differ?

We all know this person: constantly showing up in your Facebook news feed with status updates, added friends and wall comments. The "stickiness" of most social sites is unrivaled by any other type of site, a point that the behavior of hardcore members really drive home. These "Social Addicts" check their beloved site constantly and have helped encourage similar behavior from other users. Knowing how different Facebook and MySpace are

Which Nation Is Bigger — Red Sox or Yankees?

The rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees is certainly one of the oldest and most heated in all of sports. Not only do the two teams fiercely compete on the field, but they also frequently engage in a war of words off the field. The latest illustration that there is no love lost between these two teams were the comments made by Hank Steinbrenner, Senior Vice President of the

A look at traffic to… have you filed your taxes yet?

Every single year that I have prepared my own tax return (yes, I still do my own taxes), I’ve prepared them the weekend before they have been due. Examining traffic to for the past few years, it looks like my tax filing behavior may not be the norm!! — My observations: Traffic to peaks in February each year (and not in April 🙂 After several, mostly flat years,