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Initial Impacts of BMW Website Redesign

Boston, MA. February 1, 2008 — Compete’s automotive service experts help OEMs better understand how consumers interact with their websites. In the latest edition of the Compete Automotive Website Engagement Study, a monthly study that analyzes what percent of OEM website visitors use shopping tools, the team assessed the change in visitor use of three shopping tools following BMW‘s mid December website redesign. Build Your Own Vehicle The site now

Check Out the January Data on Compete Site Analytics!

January data has arrived and is now live on Compete Site Analytics!

Interest in Chinese Stocks Surged in Q4 2007

They say a butterfly can flap its wings in China and eventually cause a windstorm in the US. In 2007, that windstorm played-out as a surge of stateside interest in American Depository Receipts (ADRs) from China, i.e. Chinese stocks listed on US markets. A company called China Digital TV (CDTV) may have played the role of the butterfly. In October, after two years of dominating its product segment, CDTV listed

Less Than Perfect But Still Lots to Learn

The end of the Super Bowl brought broken hearts to New England and elation to New York (and many other places). But it also brings the competition for some of the world’s biggest brands to capitalize on the record-setting price they paid for Super Bowl commercials. With prices reaching up to $3 million for a 30-second spot, which advertisers got the most for their money by connecting their ads to

Burger King Discontinues the Whopper, Customers Freak Out!

A couple months back I wrote about how McDonalds’ Monopoly game was driving significant traffic to McDonalds’ corporate site and creating great exposure for the McDonalds brand. As a result I have been deemed Compete’s guru of fast food online traffic. Web traffic during the month of December tells another interesting story. In December, Burger King launched an ad campaign known as "Whopper Freak Out" in which they told patrons

The Democratic Race: What a Difference a Day Makes

The race among Democrats to choose their favorite presidential candidate is still wide open as we head towards Super-Duper Tuesday next week. With the extremely compressed primary calendar the race seemingly changes overnight as the final candidates jockey to capture the spotlight and sustain momentum earned by early state wins. The charts below compare daily traffic to the leading candidates’ websites from late December until January 9th, spanning the run

SEOmoz – An Interview About Metrics

A few weeks ago Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz posted an interview in which Jeremy talks about Compete’s technology, the results, what’s coming up, etc. Read on! Metrics – An Interview with Jeremy Crane by Rand Fishkin For the past couple weeks, I’ve been chatting over email with the folks at about their web popularity reporting & analytics tools. Luckily enough, Jeremy Crane, the Director of Search & Online

Microsoft values Yahoo Visitors at $1,200 Each

The big news of the day is Microsoft’s $45 billion dollar bid for Yahoo. While the blogosphere will be abuzz with predictions of how this will shake up the online landscape, there’s a very real impact on pure "traffic ownership." We took a really brief look at what the potential merger means for Microsoft in terms of net new traffic, and how this will impact the big players in the