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Top Ranked Search Terms – Death and Taxes Still Certain

With the massive amount of search activity taking place across the web, the highest traffic search terms can provide a glimpse into the issues currently important to internet users, and consumers as a whole. With our online search tools, you can start to get at this data on a site level, but what we find even more interesting is how this plays out for the web as a whole, and

Does Privacy Matter to Most Facebook Users? Let's look at some data.

Does privacy matter to most Facebook users? Take a look at the chart below, and judge for yourself (weekly unique visitors to facebook’s privacy settings pages): Even after all the recent mainstream media coverage and debate surrounding Facebook’s controversial beacon program, online privacy in general, and Facebook making available universal beacon opt-out — traffic to Facebook’s privacy settings pages has essentially been flat. NOT A GOOD SIGN! It’s likely that

Compete Behavior Match: Targeting Media Spend Just Got Easier

Formula. Diapers. Clothing. Nursery Items. Car Seats. Strollers. When I think of a high value market segments, one that comes to mind is young and expecting mothers. Making new purchase decisions on these items and more, young and expecting mothers are the target consumers of many baby product companies. If I were an online brand marketer for Johnson and Johnson (makers of the always popular Johnson’s Baby Shampoo), I would

Compete Two-For-One Credit Sale: Happy "Presentine's" day!

We wanted to offer our readers a promotion earlier this month, but with Valentine’s day rolling into a long weekend, the timing didn’t make sense. So now, in celebration of BOTH holidays, Compete wants to help you maintain a strong relationship with the one’s you know, and love: Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson… heck let’s even throw (non-president) Franklin into the mix! If you’ve been holding out to buy credits at

Start Your Engines: Which Nascar Driver and Sponsor Sits on the Pole Position?

Ladies and gentlemen"¦.start your engines. These famous words of racing will kick off the Nascar Sprint Cup Series at the 50th running of the Daytona 500 this Sunday at 2pm EST. 168,000 screaming spectators will emerge from Nascar hibernation, which commenced at the Homestead-Miami Speedway last November, to fill the stands of the 2.5 mile tri-oval race track. With Nascar’s growing popularity, Compete used its panel of 2 million people

Gen-X vs. Gen-Y: Who gets all the credit?

I recently decided to play around with Compete’s Behavior Matchâ„¢ online media planning product tool. I took on the fictional persona of a progressive lending company, Halfpipe & Hairband Lending LLC., which is trying to target the disenfranchised younger generations dealing with the shocking realization that you actually have to pay back student loans and that buying/maintaining a house is expensive. "Bummer dude!". For those who are not familiar with

Hey TracFone, Virgin Mobile is Stealing your Customers!

Recently I was thinking about the prepaid wireless market, comparing carriers’ strategies and how consumers are reacting to marketing. The prepaid wireless market is especially competitive – since consumers have so much control. Once their prepaid minutes are used up, the customer can buy more, or they can use a different carrier or phone. Worse, some customers may have multiple prepaid plans with carriers and switch back and forth between

Scientology vs. Anonymous – The Online Battle

For those of you who have been unaware of the Anonymous vs. Church of Scientology story, here’s a quick recap. When videos of Tom Cruise speaking at a Church of Scientology function leaked onto the Internet in January they quickly became the viral topic du jour, showing up on celebrity sites and mainstream news sites alike. The tapes gave outsiders an unprecedented glimpse inside the typically private organization, and showed

The Apple Effect: 1 Million Searches for 3 little ads

Apple has a long history of releasing critically acclaimed ads starting back in 1984 with "The Greatest Commercial of All Time." More recently, one of the coolest aspects of Apple advertising has been the use of relatively unknown musicians, with their music as the (seemingly) most important element of the commercial. Through multi-million dollar ad campaigns, Apple helps bring these lesser-known artists mainstream. With the recent launch of the iPod

Compete Celebrates Fifth-Straight Year of Record Growth (Press Release)

Explosion in search marketing, web analytics and online advertising fuels expansion BOSTON, Ma. — February 11, 2008 — Compete, Inc., a leading web analytics company, today announced that 2007 was its fifth-straight year of record growth.  By capitalizing on the increase of spending in search marketing, web analytics and online marketing and introducing innovative products, Compete achieved year-over-year revenue growth in excess of 50%. “The shift to online has accelerated

January 2008 Search Market Share: Google Who?

Unless you were sleeping under a rock you probably heard the big search news last week and I’m not talking about Google posting record search numbers again in January. It’s hard to look at the potentially merger of Yahoo! and Microsoft in the vacuum of search. The impact on the display advertising space is far more substantial but I would definitely be remiss not to mention a few points of