Leap Day: What It's Means To Online Marketing

Last week, Wall Street and Madison Avenue were abuzz with the news that Google Paid Search Ad clickthroughs had gone flat in terms of volume. But just as traders dumped the stock and caused its share price to plummet, others were questioning that decision. But one factor that everyone seemed to ignore was the little fact that this year contains a full extra day worth of potential business. This got us thinking – what does that extra day really mean in terms of online marketing?

Looking at our data we know that in January in the U.S. there were 600 billion page views which would be a daily average of 20 million page views. In the 4th quarter of 2007 internet ad spending totaled $7.3 billion or about $81 million per day according to the IDC in a recent ClickZ article.

Combining this with published ad revenue numbers, it would appear that US pageviews collectively have a CPM to marketers of about $4.18.

So marketers will be spending $81 million today that they would not have in the previous three years. In the spirit of GoldenPlace.com’s bizarre marketing efforts (hey, they apparently work…here we are creating buzz), we came up with some ways marketers could spend this money when the year is one day shorter, to put this all in perspective.

What Else Could Leap Day Ad Revenue Buy?
Give 400,000 kids an OLPC with your logo on it
Buy 17% of all goods for sale on eBay for that day
Give 550,000 JitterBug phones to seniors in need with your logo on them
Fund Barack Obama’s campaign for another two months
Take over Digg’s advertising for 2 years 6 months
Buy A New Ferrari 599 in every color available in the 8 bit spectrum (256)
Buy up ALL of Google’s Adword’s inventory for the next 7 days.
Rent Necker Island from Richard Branson for 5 years and send you favorite customers there ($300,000 per week) 
Buy 40 million Compete.com credits and eat your competitor’s lunch
Pay 1 hour 40 minutes of the interest on the National Debt.

The Treasury has made it easy for individuals to reduce the debt. You just have to give a “Gift to reduce Debt Held by the Public“…

…it’s just too bad they don’t take paypal.

About Gregg Poulin:
Gregg Poulin is a General Manager at Compete. Gregg spends his time at Compete ensuring information is available to the masses. Before Gregg joined the Compete Team he sold womens' shoes and coffee machines online. Gregg hopes to one day be a toll taker or chief hamburger flipper. Follow Gregg on Twitter @greggpoulin or connect with him on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=4373891&authType=name&authToken=TdwV