Search Analytics Update: Now With More Openness released a really exciting improvement to Search Analytics this morning: Public access! While the tool has always been accessible to members, now all Search Analytics reports are available to anyone with an internet connection by visiting

What does this mean?
Any visitor is now able to experience the utility of Search Analytics. These reports will function exactly as they would for our members but display a more limited data set of the top 5 results instead of the full data sets of up to 100,000 terms.

Non-members can now try Search Analytics

New Search Analytics Open Access

If you’re a new visitor, make sure to check it out. If you’re a member with credits, run full reports smugly, knowing that your results are at least 10 times the volume.

This new level of accessibility is a response to the great advice we’ve gotten directly from our members. As we continue to grow, your feedback shapes our site, so please keep it coming.

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