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"The show must go on!" "¦This is precisely what the 80th Annual Academy Awards are doing, despite the preceding months filled with writer strikes and naysayers. The Oscars are one of the most important nights for the Motion Picture industry and generate a lot of media buzz around the nominated films and actors. So what are the hottest spots on the net to find the scoop on this year’s Oscars?

Top 10 Destination Domains Findings:

  • (the home of The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) and (the home of the Annual Academy Awards) are not surprisingly the top two sites for anything and everything Oscars.
  • The specialized Oscar sections of and catapulted these portals into the Top 10 list; MSN’s Academy Awards sections failed to attract the same attention falling to number 28 on the list.
  • The specialist fell behind the generalist Imdb lost this battle despite the fact that it is devoted exclusively to films and television and even has a link to its Oscars section on the homepage.
  •, a small film appreciation site which typically attracts between 200-250 thousand unique visitors is up there playing with the big leaguers. Never underestimate the focused and determined little guy.
  • Entertainment Weekly is dominating the pre-awards traffic. Notable competitors include at number 20 and all the way at 101. I am interested in seeing if this trend continues after the show airs.
  • With the home field advantage and a prominent link to the Oscars section on it’s homepage, the LA Times catapulted into the Top 10 list, leaving behind The New York Times (49), CNN (62), ABC (71), and USAToday (72).

And although I failed miserably at correctly predicting the winners last year, I will give it another shot this year. If searches were used as votes by the AMPAS, George Clooney will win Best Actor, Ellen Page will win Best Actress, and Juno will take home the statue for Best Picture. Be sure to tune into ABC at 5PT/8ET for the live telecast to see who really walks away with Oscars.

About Debra Miller Arbesman:
Debra Miller Arbesman is senior associate, retailer and consumer products at Compete, a Kantar Media company that helps brands improve their marketing based on the online behavior of millions of consumers.

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