Compete Two-For-One Credit Sale: Happy "Presentine's" day!

We wanted to offer our readers a promotion earlier this month, but with Valentine’s day rolling into a long weekend, the timing didn’t make sense. So now, in celebration of BOTH holidays, Compete wants to help you maintain a strong relationship with the one’s you know, and love: Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson… heck let’s even throw (non-president) Franklin into the mix!

If you’ve been holding out to buy credits at, the time to buy is now! From now until 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday February 20th, is doubling the total number of credits in our standard, plus, and premium credit packages. That’s exactly one dollar per credit. If you missed the sale last time, make sure to take advantage of this rare opportunity!

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This offer lets you really ramp up your Search Marketing Research by giving you twice the insight!.

Please note, this deal will be available until 11:59 PM EST, February 20th. If you have any questions, please contact