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Leap Day: What It's Means To Online Marketing

Last week, Wall Street and Madison Avenue were abuzz with the news that Google Paid Search Ad clickthroughs had gone flat in terms of volume. But just as traders dumped the stock and caused its share price to plummet, others were questioning that decision. But one factor that everyone seemed to ignore was the little fact that this year contains a full extra day worth of potential business. This got

Search Analytics Update: Now With More Openness released a really exciting improvement to Search Analytics this morning: Public access! While the tool has always been accessible to members, now all Search Analytics reports are available to anyone with an internet connection by visiting What does this mean? Any visitor is now able to experience the utility of Search Analytics. These reports will function exactly as they would for our members but display a

Oscar Sunday: Big Night in Hollywood and Online

May I have the envelope please"¦ the award for this past week’s fastest moving website has got to be none other than the official domain of the Academy Awards. On Oscar Sunday, February 24, shot up 601% to 214,410 unique viewers vs. the day before. As we wrote about last week, thousands were searching forOscar gold earlier this month at, the Wikipedia entries for the Academy Awards, and

Are You Ready for your Close-Up, Blu-Ray?

It’s official. In the battle for high-definition video, Sony’s Blu-Ray Disc DVD beat out Toshiba’s HD DVD last week to become the industry’s single platform. In what has amounted to "VHS v. Beta-Max: The Next Generation," consumers looking to purchase and watch high-def DVDs have spent the last two years confused over compatibility and hesitant to purchase expensive equipment that could quickly wind up obsolete. Consumers can look directly to

Searching for the Green Consumer

In November of 2007, Bank of America collaborated with Brighter Planet to introduce a "Green" Credit Card. Consumers earn points on the card that helps build community based renewable energy projects. Since the card is environmentally friendly, it makes sense that it would attract the attention of those consumers who are environmentally conscious and in turn show that behavior on the internet. What better way for a bank to reach

Malibu — faster than a Lamborghini Gallardo – I swear

A Malibu is faster than a Lamborghini. Bet the house. Or in today’s environment, bet your house from 2006. The Lamborghini Gallardo goes from 0-60 in 3.95 seconds. The Chevrolet Malibu does it in 6.5 seconds. Still, the Malibu is faster. But I am not talking about mph. I am talking about shopping activity and Chevrolet has seen the Malibu go from 67,921 new vehicle prospects in October to 236,011

Online Video Share: YouTube/Google Lead, ManiaTV Making Strides

February has been a big month for online video. Google announced plans to incorporate video ads into search results. YouTube launched video ads in a big way. And Yahoo! Video re-launched with wider screen and enhanced social networking features. Overall, the online video market grew 3% for the month. Compete tracks US-based traffic to 50+ online video properties. YouTube continued to lead the pack, with a market share hovering around

Hot Spots for Oscars Research

"The show must go on!" "¦This is precisely what the 80th Annual Academy Awards are doing, despite the preceding months filled with writer strikes and naysayers. The Oscars are one of the most important nights for the Motion Picture industry and generate a lot of media buzz around the nominated films and actors. So what are the hottest spots on the net to find the scoop on this year’s Oscars?

15.4 Million Facebook Application Users in January

15.4 million Facebook users interacted with fb Application pages (@ in January: On average ~51% of Facebook’s user base engages with Application pages: In January, fb Application pages directly contributed 1.5 billion pages (8.4% of total) to’s total page view count. Given the trend, I expect Application pages to gradually form a larger chunk of’s overall page views over time. Note: Stats in this post are limited

Fed Rate Cuts: Short-term Effect on the Long-Standing Home Loans Slump

With a recession under way or just around the bend (depending on whom you talk to) the Fed stepped up on January 22nd to try to mitigate the effects of the home loans crisis with a 3.5% drop in the current rate. Although there is debate as to the efficacy of the measure, Compete analysis showed a large overall spike in consumer traffic during the week of the first rate

January FaceTime: Will McCain be the GOP's McGovern?

While the dust has yet to settle entirely in the primary contests, an aura of inevitability is increasingly surrounding Barack Obama. This glow extends beyond the nomination battle with Hillary Clinton, against whom Obama has won 10 straight contests, and could prove extremely difficult for the GOP’s presumptive nominee, John McCain, to overcome. Across several web metrics, summarized below, Obama leads McCain by no less than a 3 to 1