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2007 Top Stocks Searched: Apple, Google, DJIA

Last summer, we looked at financial search engines, such as Google Finance and Market Watch, to see if we could find any correlations between stocks’ search volumes and their share prices. With all 2007 data now available, we return to this theme and present last year’s stock search volume Top 10. Of these, the top three searched securities were Apple, Google, and the DJIA. Apple had an average of 362,000's Success in the US and the Release of WAYN Desktop (Where Are You Now?), a UK-based travel social networking site has recently made successful inroads within the US online population. In hopes of increasing member-engagement WAYN announced WAYN Desktop in September, an application designed to help users more easily upload photos and manage their accounts. Below is a synopsis of the popularity of the varying content areas of, as well as an early-stage look at download interest of

Sink or Swim? The Top Moving Sites Of 2007

At Compete we frequently write about monthly traffic volume and site popularity, but the focus is usually on the ten or twenty sites that enjoy monthly visitors in the tens (or even hundreds) of millions. While it’s important to investigate these sites, massively popular domains like Google or Yahoo typically don’t change much in terms of domain-level traffic or rank. Right behind these behemoths, however, a large number of websites

Online Video: 2007 Year In Review continued to lead the field of video contenders in December, commanding 52.3% market share with 238M Visits on 59M Unique Visitors, up 6.1% from November and 40% since December, 2006. The overall online video market, which consists of Compete’s classification of over 50 sites and subdomains serving video to US-based visitors, grew 7.4% for the month. Meanwhile, jostling among the portals continued in the mid-field, with Yahoo!, AOL and

High rates still drew consumer deposits into E*Trade despite bankruptcy chances

In November 2007, Prashant Bhatia, a Citi Investment Research Analyst, wrote that E*Trade had a 15% chance of bankruptcy due to the effects of the decline in the subprime market. E*Trade’s shareholders clearly took this statement to heart as the company’s share price declined 59% in one day. Just as interesting however, is the question of whether E*Trade’s online depositors shared those fears. While not as well known as its

Introducing: Compete Top Site Lists

One of the best perks of working at Compete is the ability to analyze website traffic down to page level detail for any domain — measuring visitor conversion, discovering a website’s referral sources, and getting traffic figures for millions of sites without being restricted to analyzing five domains at a time through Site Analytics. Today, we’re pleased to make available Compete Top Lists. This new product provides ranking lists for

Group Travel Planning Websites: A Leader Emerging?

A number of websites designed to help consumers plan, book, and manage group trips have cropped up in the past couple of years. These include group booking tools such as and, planning tools such as and, and hybrid sites that combine a variety of features. It has been a rocky battle for these upstarts, many of which have not been able to either market themselves effectively

The Auto Insurers' $4.6 Billion* Opportunity: Massachusetts

Massachusetts opens its doors Massachusetts is one of the last states to loosen its control of auto insurance rates and potentially the criteria insurers may use to set those rates. Until now, those two factors have deterred several of the nation’s major carriers, like GEICO and Progressive, from insuring in Massachusetts. But with a new "managed competition" system set to begin April 1st (i.e., competitors may set their own rates,

December 2007 Search Market Share: Status quo even after some minor adjustments

Back in November you may recall we saw a pretty substantial uptick in the overall volume of searches being performed in the market. It appears that holiday driven growth slowed in December as the overall volume of searches in the marketplace was essentially unchanged in December. The US online population posted roughly 8.2 billion search queries in the final month of 2007. In general the status quo seen in the

Do Automotive Brands Engage Online Car Shoppers?

In December, Compete released its first ranking of automobile manufacturer websites based on shopping engagement. Mini, Kia, Mercedes, Pontiac and Hyundai were all brands that finished in the top 10. Shopping engagement is defined as the percentage of overall site visitors that visited one of the following key shopping tools: Configurator Request a Quote Locate a Dealer Payment Estimator Why is shopping engagement important? Automobile manufacturer websites attract over 12

Demo Girl: Screencast demo of Compete Search Analytics

Demo Girl put together a short screencast demo of Compete Search Analytics! It takes a bit to load. But it is probably worth it. Learn what Compete Search Analytics can do for you: Over 3 million domains and 19 million keyword phrases updated daily. With Compete Search Analytics, you instantly know what competing web sites are doing, and what keywords are their most important. Find top performing niche sites in