WAYN.com's Success in the US and the Release of WAYN Desktop

WAYN.com (Where Are You Now?), a UK-based travel social networking site has recently made successful inroads within the US online population. In hopes of increasing member-engagement WAYN announced WAYN Desktop in September, an application designed to help users more easily upload photos and manage their accounts. Below is a synopsis of the popularity of the varying content areas of WAYN.com, as well as an early-stage look at download interest of WAYN Desktop.

In December, over 550,000 US web browsers visited WAYN.com, up from 330,000 one year ago. Over the past 6 months several pages within the site have emerged as the most popular content areas. The Mail tab is the most visited section of the site with 215,000 US WAYN users landing on it in December. Not surprisingly, the Web 2.0 sections such as Profile, Friends, and Photos have also increased audience volumes over the second part of 2007.

Thus far, the recently announced WAYN desktop application has shown minimal attraction among US visitors to WAYN.com. In December, only 1,130 WAYN members explored the download page of the newly released tool, continuing a downward trend in interest for the new tool.

All in all, WAYN has managed to gain healthy momentum among US travelers. Although the recently released WAYN Desktop application failed to catch on, the site’s core competency, its networking platform, has proven to be a hit with users. Congrats to WAYN.com!

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