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Could Chevrolet Be Changing the Game in the Entry Sedan Market?

In October, Chevrolet launched a newly redesigned Malibu into the entry sedan segment hoping that this could finally be the car that breaks the strangle hold the imports have held in the segment since the Ford Taurus lost its footing back in early 2000. Compete tracks monthly lower funnel shopping activity on 3rd party automotive web sites, and since its media launch in October the Chevy Malibu has increased its Updates

We released a number of updates today! 1. Cleaner Results with Report Overviews Now when you run a Search Analytics report, you will see a new “Report Overview” table above each report. We have big plans for this section. Look out for more here in the near future. Let us know what you think: 2. New Homepage Search Analytics has a new homepage! Check it out @ (you

If Clicks Were Investments: 2007 Financial Search Engine "Portfolio" Performance

Would you invest $10,000 in a portfolio configured by thousands of strangers researching stocks on Google Finance? Few reasonable people would, but had you done so on January 3rd, 2007, you could have had an extra $4,500 to spend by New Year’s Eve. But this would have been a risky investment compared to those based on other Financial Search Engines (FSEs). Last summer, we segmented stock searchers by their FSEs

The Kindle, Amazon's Latest Search Traffic Driver

Launching a new product is hard work, and sometimes you have to twist reality for the sake of revenue. Just ask about their recently-released Kindle, the newest offering for portable reader technology. Back in December, the venerated month of holiday ka-ching, a "˜sony reader’ search on Amazon listed the Kindle as higher in relevance than the Sony reader itself. Contrast that with a kindle search, where, at the time

Behavior Match: Social Networking and Auto Shoppers

As the strike among the Writer’s Guild of America may be driving viewers away from prime-time TV favorites, automotive marketers are suggesting they are seeking alternative channels to reach prospective customers. Personal social networking sites on the internet are one channel marketers are anxious to better use to their advantage. Since consumers are already spending time on these sites it is natural for marketers to try to place their product

Bank of America Catapults to #1 Position in Online Mortgage Lending with the Acquisition of Countrywide

Earlier this month, Bank of America announced that it was buying troubled Countrywide Financial for $4B in stock. There are several theories regarding the reason why Bank of America’s CEO, Ken Lewis, would even strike a deal with Countrywide. One theory includes Countrywide fitting nicely into Bank of America’s acquisition strategy focused on dominating markets outside deposits, as evidenced by its acquisition of MBNA back in 2005. According to Inside

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eBay Looks to Reinvigorate

With John Donahue taking the CEO reigns today, I decided to take a look at eBay’s performance in the past few years. Under Meg Whitman, the company’s growth since 2001 has been remarkably steady, both in terms of traffic and revenue growth. The chart below shows US Quarterly Unique Visitors and US Quarterly Revenue, including data from revenue-producing subsidiaries PayPal (acquired July 2002), Skype (October 2005) and StubHub (February 2007).

Could Open-Access Networks Be Too Much of a Good Thing for the Wireless Industry?

One of the hottest topics at this year’s CES was definitely the acknowledgement that the wireless industry reached a tipping point in 2007 in its movement towards market openness. Apple launched the iPhone. Google announced the Open Handset Alliance for the Android platform. VZW announced its Open Access network strategy. The 700 MHz Auction requirements included open access provisions. The industry is moving from its traditional "walled garden" approach, where

Aaron Wall: How Long is Your Keyword Tail?

30 Second Review of the Long Tail Due to lowered incremental distribution and delivery costs, the emergence of social filters, and better recommendation algorithms, the future of business is less about selling one key product and more about selling a wide array of products. Chris Anderson refers to this phenomenon as the Long Tail. The Long Tail applies to search because search is a recommendation engine, and keywords act like

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