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Get $10 just for signing up for a free Compete account

If you don’t already have a account – what are you waiting for? You get access to Compete’s advanced features when you register for a free account + if you register now, you’ll get $10 worth of credits. You will be able to use these credits to run premium reports on With an account, you also get to: Access Compete Search Analytics [screencast tour]Compete Search Analytics is

WSJ Doubles Growth Despite Pay Wall, NYT Levels in November

Since the mid-September shut down of TimesSelect, grew significantly in September and October, and leveled off in November. The Old Gray Lady’s site crossed the 10M threshold of US unique visitors in October, a level of traffic not seen since February, 2004. This recent growth spurt brought back in the Top 100 Sites on the Internet. Growth at outpaced rivals and, but not The

Become a Affiliate

We do our best to spread the word about Compete, but we know it has no better ambassador than the people that use the service. So, we’d like to make it worth your while and put money in your wallet, to help spread the word. You simply have to link to and receive commissions on all orders that originate from your site. We pay you $6 for each order

Get Naked with John Palfrey

In our last Get Naked post, we interviewed PR guru Larry Weber and talked about his new book, "Marketing to the Social Web." Larry is one of the most social people we know, so when he introduced us to John Palfrey from the Berkman Center at Harvard Law School, we knew we had another great Get Naked story on our hands. The first paragraph of John’s bio says: as Clinical

November 2007 Search Market Share: The Market, Google, and Yahoo! All Break Search Records?

If there was any doubt that search is still on the rise November should put that to rest. November brought us a number of firsts in the search world. Overall the US online population posted a new record for the number search queries performed on the top engines with over 8.1 billion. That’s roughly 48 monthly searches per person on average! And it’s 12 more (+34%) monthly searches than the

Amazon Customer Vote: 3,000 served, 1.3 million played

Online Shopping has plenty of perks: instantaneous price comparisons, customer reviews on everything from HDTVs to milk; communities focused entirely on finding deals. Ironically one of greatest benefits of online shopping, the ability to avoid crowds, has managed to take a lot of the holiday cheer out of recent Amazon promotions. For the last two years hosted a "Customer Vote" promotion allowing registered users to vote for enticing

If Clicks Equaled Votes in November — Republican Candidates

As the states prepare to begin awarding their delegates next month, analyzing the size, geographic and demographic makeup of each candidate’s online following (in this case visitors to the candidates’ websites) offers insight, beyond the never ending stream of opinion polls, as to who is likely to win these primaries and caucuses and secure their party’s nomination. Yesterday we looked at state of the Democratic race, and today we turn

If Clicks Equaled Votes in November — Democratic Candidates

Nearly a year into the 2008 presidential election cycle, the races are at long last getting interesting and judging from the recent rise in site traffic to the candidates’ websites, the U.S. electorate is paying attention to the races in ever increasing numbers. As the states prepare to award their delegates, looking across the country to see where the leading candidates are drawing their online supporters offers insight, beyond the

Auto Expert Forecasts or My 16 year Old Son"”who do you believe?

Automotive industry experts painted a very grim picture for the Auto industry during the recent Reuters Auto Summit. They forecasted sales for 2008 may hit only 14.5 million units. That would continue the decline from this year and be the lowest sales total since 1998. In an already financially staggered industry this is not good news! Yet my soon to be driving 16 year old son, Joe, came away from

Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Lately, I seem to be getting more invites to view a Google document (rather than a Word document). I guess I’m not surprised though. It has been just over a year since Google Docs and Spreadsheets was officially released, and it has been just under a year since Microsoft released Office 2007. As many know, Office 2007 includes a whole new interface that is unfamiliar, and potentially frustrating, to the

RIP Facebook? Not yet. Unique Visitors to jumped 20% in November

In the space of a month, Facebook has gone from media darling to devil. However, all the bad PR didn’t hold back traffic in November. Unique visitors jumped 20%: The big question — Are Facebook users even aware of their worsening privacy situation? Take a look at the chart below. Looks like regular Facebook users are mostly unaware of their worsening situation, or more likely don’t know what to