Get $10 just for signing up for a free Compete account

for MyCompete members

If you don’t already have a account – what are you waiting for? You get access to Compete’s advanced features when you register for a free account + if you register now, you’ll get $10 worth of credits. You will be able to use these credits to run premium reports on

With an account, you also get to:

  • Access Compete Search Analytics [screencast tour]
    Compete Search Analytics is the starting point to build and optimize search marketing campaigns that create brand awareness, drive site traffic and increase sales. Thousands of marketers use Compete Search Analytics to discover keywords driving traffic to any web site, identify gaps in search strategies, invest in terms that drive the most engaged visitors, and track performance against competitors and peers.
  • Compare up to 5 web sites at a time vs. just 3 for regular users
  • Save SnapShots to a Portfolio: save your favorite groups of up to 5 sites for quick access
  • Export data to CSV/Excel: save a full year’s worth of data to your computer
  • Rate sites: vote for your favorite and least favorite sites

register now to claim credits worth $10

Note: this deal is valid only for new members.

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