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We do our best to spread the word about Compete, but we know it has no better ambassador than the people that use the service. So, we’d like to make it worth your while and put money in your wallet, to help spread the word.

You simply have to link to and receive commissions on all orders that originate from your site.

  • We pay you $6 for each order that you refer. Compete packages start at just $20.
  • After the first 50 orders we pay you a one time bonus of $100.
  • When you cross 150 orders we pay you another one time bonus of $150.

Affiliate Program FAQs:

Q: What am I promoting?
Compete is a new breed of web analytics company. We have a diverse sample of 2,000,000+ U.S. internet users that have given us permission to analyze all the web pages they visit and ask them questions via surveys.

Our first paid product – Compete Search Analytics is the starting point to build and optimize search marketing campaigns that create brand awareness, drive site traffic and increase sales. Thousands of marketers use Compete Search Analytics to discover keywords driving traffic to any web site, identify gaps in search strategies, invest in terms that drive the most engaged visitors, and track performance against competitors and peers.

Q: How do I become a Compete Affiliate?
Fill out the application form — it only takes minutes!

Q. Does it cost anything to join?
Becoming a Compete Affiliate is 100% free.

Q: How does the program work?
When a visitor from your site completes an order on, you get compensated. We handle the transaction, processing, and customer service. Commission checks are sent to you monthly.

Q: How do I link my site to Compete?
Once you are accepted as an Affiliate you can follow links to the Commission Junction site (, where you’ll find your own account and a special tool for creating links to Compete. You will be able to choose from a variety of links to our website. It only takes a few minutes to set up your links.

Q: How do I get my reports?
Through Commission Junction, we provide you with round-the-clock access to detailed reports. These reports are updated daily, and provide information on click-through, conversion, and commissions earned.

Q: How often will I be paid?
Checks are sent monthly. If your commission is less than $25, the total amount will be carried over to the next month. Once you have surpassed $25, you will be sent a check at the end of the month. You can track your commission balance on Commission Junction.

Become a affiliate now »

If you’re already a Commission Junction user, search for “” to learn more about the program.

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