November 2007 Search Market Share: The Market, Google, and Yahoo! All Break Search Records?

If there was any doubt that search is still on the rise November should put that to rest. November brought us a number of firsts in the search world. Overall the US online population posted a new record for the number search queries performed on the top engines with over 8.1 billion. That’s roughly 48 monthly searches per person on average! And it’s 12 more (+34%) monthly searches than the 36 per month that Compete estimated for November 2006. Oddly enough the rising tide managed to lift the biggest fish in the pond.

Google market share increased to a record 69% of search queries in November on volume gains of 2.5%. That puts market share nearly 10ppts higher with close to 2 billion more queries than the same month last year. Meanwhile MSN/Live held steady, slightly above year ago market share levels. Ask also held steady month-over-month but remained slightly below last November’s market share levels. Yahoo! managed to capture the distinct honor of being the only one of the top players with lower year-over-year query volumes. In fact web search queries on Yahoo! were down 10% from November 2006 despite the huge market gains. The continued losses pushed Yahoo! market share to a record low in November.

The recap "¦

  • Google volume and market share increased to record levels "¦ again
  • Yahoo! volume and market share decreased to a new low "¦ again
  • MSN/Live market share held steady on slight volume gains "¦ again
  • Ask market share held on to last month’s gains but didn’t move any higher
  • 8.1 billion served, that’s a lot of questions "¦ no wonder Jeeves went into retirement.

*Search market share includes web search only and is calculated based on unique queries within each session during the given month.

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