Who Will Be Shopping on Black Friday?

Black Friday marks one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Many retailers open early and offer discounts on popular holiday gifts to attract consumers. Compete conducted a survey of over 900 consumers planning on shopping this holiday season. Nearly half of those surveyed will head to the stores on Black Friday to take advantage of the deals. 57% plan on completing over half of their holiday shopping on that day.

When asked what time they will begin their trek to various retail outlets, 62% plan on getting to the stores before 8 a.m. Over a third of respondents will start their Black Friday shopping at Walmart. The store had already began releasing deals on select products such as Laptop computers ($348) as early as Nov. 1.

Savvy shoppers will be scoping out deals online ahead of time. 75% of those surveyed will research pricing and product information online before heading to the store on Black Friday. Websites such as bfads.net collect ads from various retailers and condense them for the consumer. About 3 million unique visitors went to bfads.net in November of last year.

Nearly 20% of respondents will be shopping for a spouse or significant other on Black Friday. That special someone may be wearing their present, as clothing and jewelry were the most popular products. Of Black Friday shoppers surveyed, 69% will plan on spending less than $500 that day.

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