Woot: Home of Digital Cameras, MP3 Players, and Roombas

Checking the "deal of the day" at woot.com has become part of my morning routine akin to satisfying my caffeine dependency. Piggybacking on the ebay phenomenon, woot.com takes advantage of the desire to buy when there is limited stock/time. Ironically, "bags o’ crap" are the most sought after item for sale on woot. The concept of the site is simple, but it’s easy to get hooked.

In September 2007, woot.com was trafficked by over 580,000 US consumers, having realized strong growth over the summer since its deal with Yahoo! As part of the agreement, Woot will offer an offer an exclusive deal of the day to Yahoo Shopping visitors on the frontpage.

Having tasted success with Woot Wine (which doesn’t deliver to Massachusetts!!!), Woot has also begun to offer a specialized "deal of the day" on Woot Shirt. While wine.woot.com and shirt.woot.com aren’t advertised on the Woot homepage, they still managed to attract 15% and 25% of woot.com’s domain visitors respectively.

Taking advantage of the Compete Search Analytics engine, I began to notice a trend in the top brand keyword searches leading to woot.com. Not a surprise to me that camera and mp3 player brands, and Roomba (the vacuum cleaning robot) help make up the top 10.

I don’t know if it’s the bags o’ crap or the roombas or just the site in general, but they’ve got me hooked.

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