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McDonald's Offline Promotions Drive Online Traffic

McDonald’s used to be an American institution; like Christmas decorations at Thanksgiving and candy on Halloween. It is now and international phenomenon, serving nearly 54 million customers each day in 120 countries and territories. Many of us have memories of when we were younger, begging our parents to take us to get a Happy Meal. Similarly, I remember begging my parents to take me to McDonald’s so I could collect

Total Time Spent Online is Up 24.3%

Is it a good time to be long-term bullish on the Internet? Take a look at the chart below – We are spending more and more time consuming information online. Logically, since time is finite online advertising spend should follow a similar trajectory with marketers allocating their ad budgets in proportion to where people are spending their time. Needless to say, this is a time of considerable opportunity for online

The Myth of Cyber Monday: Busted.

It’s time to stick a fork in the notion of “Cyber Monday.” In terms of traffic, there’s no doubt that the holiday season represents a period of peak activity for retailers of all shapes, sizes and online penetration, but the idea that a bevy of internet users will start frantically clicking the "add to cart" button on the Monday after Thanksgiving is just wrong. However, the weeks leading up to

Online Video Ranking: MSN/Live Surge, Competitors Sink

This month’s online video stack-up saw a major reshuffling with 3 of the Top 5 players trading places amid heavy shifts in traffic. YouTube continued to outperform the market, growing 1% in October to 213M visits on nearly 52M unique visitors. The Top 20 video sites as a set contracted 6% in October. Extraordinary gains were realized by the Microsoft family of video sites, which includes MSN Video and Live

Guest Post by Aaron Wall: Why Most Bloggers Need a Day Job to Afford a Cup of Coffee

The Problem Bloggers create large pools of relevant content, and due to the social nature of blogs many bloggers have built up significant trust with search engines. But, as mentioned in Brian Clark’s Teaching Sells report, some bloggers get thousands of visitors a day, but can hardly afford a cup of coffee for their efforts. The big problem with blogging is that there is an echo effect to it, and

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What are shoppers searching for on

The answer to that question in a moment, but first some context: Say the word "search" and most people think immediately of Google and its dominant market share. Despite this, one form of online searching remains largely out of Google’s ever-extending reach. While garnering much less attention (read: none) on-site search (what people search for once they arrive on a website) offers a revealing look into what matters most to

Double your credits: Compete's Cyber Monday Blowout Sale – Today Only

Compete’s Search Analytics have always been a great deal. But in appreciation of those brave search markets duking it out over retail terms for the next month, is doubling the total number of credits in our standard, plus, and premium credit packages for the next 24 hours. It’s a BOGO sale for the ages! Need more info? The table below has all the answers. Happy Holidays from Compete. May

Quick Tip: Are they loyal or offer-driven?

We love hearing from our users, and love it even more when you find a cool useful way to use Compete. Gary recently used to analyze how one of his client’s traffic compared to its closest competitor. He quickly discovered:

Have YOU been to the Alltel Man Cave yet?

By now you’ve probably seen the new Alltel branding campaign Head-to-Head on TV. In the ads, Chad, the cool Alltel rep, does battle with the geeky, dorky and all-together uncool "sales guys" from the Big 4 carriers. Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile seem to make it their life mission to take down Chad and Alltel. And, of course, they’re always unsuccessful. Not a bad branding campaign for standing out

Who Will Be Shopping on Black Friday?

Black Friday marks one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Many retailers open early and offer discounts on popular holiday gifts to attract consumers. Compete conducted a survey of over 900 consumers planning on shopping this holiday season. Nearly half of those surveyed will head to the stores on Black Friday to take advantage of the deals. 57% plan on completing over half of their holiday shopping on