Monthly Archives: October 2007

Palm Gets Personal With New Centro Smartphone

Last week Palm announced a new consumer-oriented smartphone device called the Centro. Palm CEO Ed Colligan said, "[The Centro] is meant to be the center of your life, both your business and personal life. We’re trying to reach a new demographic.” While Palm has been traditionally strong in the business-user market, they have been criticized for not "keeping up" in the consumer space. Recent Compete analysis shows that releasing the top 20 Movies: What people watch before they watch

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that a) going out to the movies has gotten ridiculously expensive and b) most mainstream movies aren’t terrific. Given these two truths, is a default stop most Fridays; one critic’s review may not be a good measure of my future satisfaction with a movie, but when multiple reviews are averaged they become a powerful tool. Rotten tomatoes has been steadily growing for

100 Undiscovered Sites: On the way to discovery?

Being an "undiscovered site" isn’t ideal, but it often isn’t a bad thing (assuming the discovery phase isn’t too far off in the distance). There is even an allure to the undiscovered for many web enthusiasts looking to find the next big thing. PC Magazine recently released their list of Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites, a list with admittedly varying levels of popularity already, and I was curious to see

Internet All Stars '01: Where are they now?

"Bootylicious" was dominating the airwaves , Rush Hour 2 was battling American Pie 2 for box office (if not artistic) greatness and the US was more concerned about stem cells than homeland security. It was August in 2001, and just because the Internet bubble had already burst, the internet itself was still going strong. With a full six years of technological growth and consumer adoption, how has the internet changed?