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YouTube Revolutionizes Embarrassment

YouTube has revolutionized embarrassment in America. Given a personalized channel, twenty tags synonymous with "awesome hot sexy funny," and a snappy title, little stands between a poor-quality video clip and the nation’s rapt attention, 47 million strong each month and counting. The population most at risk, the disoriented celebrity, can no longer act with impunity when devouring a sandwich a là kitchen floor or starting an awards-show comeback with less-than-perfect

YouTube *thriving* under Google's watch

Exactly one year ago I asked: Will YouTube break the Top 10 within 12 months (~50 million visitors)? I think it is more likely that YouTube will hit that milestone than not. We’ll just have to wait and watch. YouTube did it, and in record time. Faster than MySpace, Digg and Facebook. In June 2007 (within 8 months of my post) they broke into the top 10 with just over

How do I get to

A few weeks ago I pulled together a quick post that I didn’t think was going to make much of a splash. As it turned out my quick and dirty analysis on "search fulfillment" got a lot of people thinking and asking questions. All those great questions sparked some additional thoughts. The main question that came to mind is specifically how the top search engines differ with respect to how

Online Financial Services Scorecard: August 2007

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Free For All in the New York Times' Op-Ed and Archives

Nearly a month after the New York Times shut down TimesSelect, the subscription-based service for premium content on, traffic to areas of the site that were previously members-only is flowing fast and free. With popular columnists like Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd drawing thousands of curious readers and fans, the Opinion section has more than doubled unique visitors, while the overall site has grown by roughly 10% in

2007 MITX Award Finalist:

The 2007 MITX awards finalists have been announced — and we’re proud that is a finalist again this year. Great work team! Last year this very blog won the award for “Best Community/Blogs”, and this year Compete’s new Search Analytics product is a finalist in the “Applied Technology” category. We’re up against VistaPrint, Outsight Interactive/FootJoy, John Hancock and MarketSight. MITX Awards Ceremony is on: November 8, 2007, 6:00pm Boston is getting a makeover!‘s 1-year birthday is coming up. To celebrate, we’re giving a makeover! has morphed quite a bit since launching back in November ’06, and we realized many months back that the website’s navigation had not kept up. We’ve worked on improving this and are getting ready to release a new navigation scheme, and homepage this week. We know change is hard, but in this case we think it

Camry Most Shopped Car In August

Compete’s automotive experts help the automotive industries better undertand the shopping behaviors of the US automotive market. One of the ways they do this is through measuring the total number of consumers looking at vehile groups, brands, or even specific car models. The chart below shows the most shopped autos in August 2007, the total number of shoppers per vehicle , and the change from the previous month and year.

Who Clicked Britney?

Love her or hate her, like most celebrities, America has a morbid fascination with the trials and tribulations of Britney Spears. Through the good times and the bad, while PR firms go mad, without seatbelts or hair, entering rehab or needing an au pair, Britney is still here. Now, say what you will about the Mousekateer gone"¦ well, wild. The fact remains, the people want to know what exactly Britney

September Search Market Share: Back to School Lifts Search Volume

I have mixed feelings when September rolls around every year. On the one hand, New England weather in September simply can’t be beat. On the other hand, every year in September I get these weird butterflies feeling in my stomach and a mild depression. I haven’t "gone back to school" in a long time (let’s just say my 10 year college reunion isn’t even in the rear view mirror anymore).

Facebook's Application Rock Stars

The Community Next conference in San Jose, CA this last weekend resembled the mosh pit at a rock concert. It featured performances by the twenty year-old rock stars and a few older ones who have developed successful applications on the new Facebook applications platform. Business cards glowed with approval like cell phone lights at a concert. Venture capital promises were passed around like illicit drugs. The performers were mobbed by