Halloween Costumes: What's in style this year?

It’s that time of the year where many of us load up on candy, carve pumpkins and sport costumes. With Halloween rapidly approaching, we decided it would be fun to get an idea of what people are wearing. Last week, we conducted a survey of 223 people who intend on wearing a costume either for Halloween or a Halloween related event.

Nearly 60% if those we surveyed already had their costume, while the remainder are waiting until the last possible minute – this may be to ensure that they don’t get caught at a party with three other people sporting their Spidey suit.

We found that when it comes to costumes, originality is key. Over half of those who already have their costume opted for a home-made design over a store bought garb. Nearly a quarter of those who chose creativity over cash designed a costume made to frighten, while 12% hope to get a laugh from their attire. Among respondents, the most popular home-made costume was a witch.

For those who chose to buy their costume, 45% had looked for one online, and nearly half of those online shoppers visited an online costume specialty retailer. How were they attracted to these costume retailers? Over 40% responded that a search engine result most influenced their decision to visit an online retail store.

We used the new Compete Search Analytics tool to compile the chart below of the top 10 sites with the most referrals from the keyword "Halloween costume".

Eight of ten sites on this list had over 30% of search referrals to their site coming from this term (the exceptions being about.com and celebrateexpress.com), showing how dependant this group of sites is on search.

Take our poll and let us know where you fall on the costume shopping list.

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