Launch Analysis: Tripadvisor Travel Network

The News:
In June, TripAdvisor introduced Traveler Network, a social-networking platform that allows users to connect with fellow travelers and share their experiences. Members exchange pictures and videos from previous trips and offer advice on where to go and what to see for future adventures.

Compete Analysis:
In its early stages, Traveler Network has quickly caught on with over 42,000 US travelers signing up in July alone. Showing momentum, the July sign-up volume was 65% higher than that of June. Even with strong early adoption, June and July’s combined sign-ups represent just 1% of TripAdvisor’s 6.8 million monthly visitors.

Traveler Network is growing its user base largely through referrals from early adopting members. In July, over 30,000 Traveler Network members used the site’s "Invite Friends" capability, representing the biggest single source of new memberships. Referrals from current members suggests that the content is compelling enough to grow a significantly larger user base.

Traveler Network is helping to transform TripAdvisor into a next-generation travel portal. The integration of Web 2.0 functionality is attracting new members and further engaging existing TripAdvisor users. Over 42,000 new members enrolled in July, the first full month of existence. Growing referrals from current users is proof that enthusiasts enjoy the site enough to recommend it to friends, family, and colleagues. As with any social-network, the breadth of content relies upon its members. With a rapidly growing user-base, Traveler Network, still in its infant stage, is poised for success.

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