Top Video Players: Facebook Emerges, MySpace Stumbles, YouTube Continues to Lead

Visits to MySpace video declined 18% for the second straight month in a row, dropping the social network to 3rd Place in Compete’s ranking of the top video spots on the web. MySpace video had just over 40M visits in September, down from 60M in July. The top 20 video destinations were down 15% in the same period.

Google/YouTube continued to dominate the field with 211M visits, down 5.8% from August.
was September’s fastest mover, growing 188% to 1.3M unique visitors. Major gains were realized on News, Entertainment and Business channels.

Meanwhile, Facebook has emerged as a contender in online video. Facebook, which took investment from Microsoft at a $15b valuation this week, launched an official Video App on June 22nd. Since then, the App has climbed to roughly 1.2M daily active users, which puts it in the top ranks among Facebook Apps and 17th in Compete’s ranking of top video spots on the web.

The unofficial YouTube Video Box App has only 11,858 daily active users on Facebook.

While not in direct competition, Facebook and YouTube do compete for share of Attention.
Over the past year, Facebook’s share of Attention has climbed 106.2% on the strength of the App Platform and opened registration, while MySpace has dropped 28.9%.

Meanwhile, YouTube’s share of Attention has climbed 154%. Considering YouTube’s current trajectory, Facebook’s rival in two years might not be MySpace, but YouTube.

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