Chevrolet Disrupts Sedan Market

DISRUPT — meaning to throw into confusion or disorder.

This was General Motors’ plan on Wednesday, October 17th as they launched digital media for the newly redesigned Chevy Malibu. The campaign titled "Disrupt" set out to get people to notice their vehicle. What they did was increase‘s share of internet attention by 167% on that day.

  • Chevrolet .com had just over 1.5 million visitors in September.
  • The Disrupt campaign helped Chevy to drive over half that traffic in just one week.
  • This campaign easily out paced unique visitors to any of their competitors sites during the same week.

GM’s goal is to get the Malibu in front of import sedan shoppers that typically don’t consider a Chevrolet. That is a fairly big task; in September Honda Accord shoppers cross shopped Malibu only 2.3% of the time and Toyota Camry shoppers 3.2% of the time.

We’ll be watching over the next several months to see if General Motors can chip away at the import brands’ dominance in the sedan segment or if this was just a one-week disruption.

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