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Obopay: Turning your cell phone into a wallet or just a cellular fad?

Obopay is the new way to send money"¦ over your phone! This online company has designed a system for sending money via text message, your mobile phone’s internet browser, or an application downloaded on your phone. Just sign up for your free account, wire some cash into your new "cell phone wallet" (i.e. an Obopay account), and you’re good to go! So who’s interested in Obopay? AT&T customers are 20%

Is Obopay on Track to Become the Next PayPal?

In February, Citibank announced a partnership with Obopay to pilot the company’s eponymous peer-to-peer mobile phone payment service. The two companies launched a pilot in Boston and Chicago this summer with some fanfare (free ice cream sandwiches!) We thought it would be interesting to see how well the partnership is performing in terms of driving new checking and savings account openings for Citi. The Citi website gets a lot of

August Search Market Share: Back to Status Quo

Just when you think the search market share game is getting exciting, in creeps the status quo. You may recall from June and July that MSN/Live was starting to shake things up quite a bit. MSN’s Club.Live campaign actually seemed to be moving the needle for Live search market share even when you excluded Club.Live searches. Well I’m a little disappointed to say that in August it appears that Club.Live

Facebook now ranked 3rd in Page Views; MySpace down nearly 20%

MySpace has enjoyed a relatively long and successful run as in a red hot sector of the internet, but it may not be long before the site has to defend this title. Facebook, having gone through big changes about every three months for the past year, may have finally started to pull users away from the incumbent. Facebook has grown not only in member base, but also in member engagement,

OMG! Yahoo! Caught Binging on Traffic! Exclusive Inside!

Yahoo’s OMG!, a new celebrity gossip site featuring windows into Hollywood’s glamour grapevine, has surpassed an A-list of online gossip sites in a record rise to fame. The site, which was launched on the Yahoo’s Homepage earlier this summer, exceeded 4M visitors for the month ended August 31st, beating out E! Online and, and bumping elbows with ultra hot

iPhone Interest Could More Than Double With New Price Cuts

By now you’ve probably heard about Apple’s recent product announcements. And while the redesign of the iPod Nano may be getting a lot of hype, the iPhone’s $200 price cut was the talk of the day here at Compete. That’s because we’ve been tracking consumers’ willingness to pay for the iPhone since its original announcement in January. Most recently, Compete surveyed a segment of consumers (iPod shoppers) in June right

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Behind the Label: The Top Competitors in Online Video

After a short summer vacation, Compete’s monthly ranking of the top online video sites is back- now with an improved methodology that reflects the latest industry trends. For starters, we peel back the label on several popular video sites to put them in a high-level competitive context. In addition to acknowledging Google‘s ownership of YouTube, we credit Photobucket‘s contribution to MySpace and chalk up growth over at StupidVideos to parent

Fantasy Football Sweeps the Nation, especially North Dakota

Judging by the selection of fantasy football guides at a local bookstore (I found 8 magazines devoted solely to helping you in your draft) and all the spots on television, it seems that fantasy football is bigger than ever. While off-line coverage is a good indication that the game has hit the mainstream, the real scope of fantasy football can be best seen where the game is played — online.

Stock Searches: Not all searches are equal

In a previous blog, we listed the 20 most heavily searched stocks during the bearish week of July 30. That analysis showed a lack of any statistically significant relationship between the number of searches on a given stock and the common financial measures of that stock, such as EPS or Beta. In that light, stock-search data provides a novel, "extra-transactional" measure that financial analysts may find valuable. But this would

Get $20 worth of Compete credits for free.

We love our users, and MyCompete members even more! As you know, Compete Search Analytics is coming out of private beta on September 12, 2007. As a special “thank you” for your support and feedback, we’re pleased to announce that we will award all MyCompete members (on record as of midnight 5-Sep) 10 credits for free! You will be able to use these credits to run premium reports on