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Pay-per-use pricing enables any business to build competitive online search strategy

Boston, MA., September 24, 2007 — Compete, Inc., a leading web analytics company, today announced that Compete Search Analyticsâ„¢ is live at Marketers at large and small companies alike can immediately benefit from the new Web-based resource that delivers the industry’s richest search analytics on a revolutionary pay-as-you-go basis.

Using just a credit card to activate the service, a marketer at any size company, with any level of search marketing experience, can gain valuable insights through Compete Search Analytics. With the service, it’s easy to identify new relevant keywords for possible bids, learn competitor’s search strategies and track performance of specific keywords against competitors. The Compete data is drawn from billions of monthly searches on the top six search engines.

Reaction from Private Beta Customers:

  • From Tony Spencer,

    “When I first used the tool, I blogged that it was so good I kinda felt dirty. After finding myself using it nearly daily, and falling in love with its powerful data, we have gone so far as to integrate its reports into our internal suite of SEO analysis tools. Nothing out there has even come close to providing this kind of competitor insight. I’d rename it to "˜Log in to Your Competitor’s Web Stats’ because the tool is exactly that.”

  • From Sheila Marcelo, founder, CEO of

    "Being a Web-based business, Compete’s Search Analytics tools have been instrumental in helping us to better understand how customers reach us. Working with Compete has enabled us to effectively develop our search campaigns."

  • From David Carrel, VP/Director, Strategy & Analysis, Digitas

    "Digitas constantly seeks innovative solutions that drive competitive advantage for our clients. Compete’s new Search Analytics tool supports our view to define the competitive landscape at the granular keyword level, and enables us to better bid, plan and optimize at this level. This drives more targeted, responsive, and ultimately successful campaigns for our clients."

Search Analytics Webinar: Bring on Your Questions

On October 16, 2007, Compete will host a webinar to provide tips and tricks to help customers maximize the benefit of Search Analytics. Jeremy Crane, director of search and online media at Compete, will demonstrate how to effectively use the service to build search marketing campaigns that drive site traffic, and he will take questions from participants.

“Over the next two weeks, we encourage people to experience the tool and bring their questions to us during the webinar,” said Crane. “The service is so easy-to-use, however, that we expect most customers will be up-and-running in a few short clicks."

To register for the webinar on October 16 at 2pm ET, visit

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