Yapta: Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant

Yapta (Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant), a new online travel startup, is looking to change how consumers compare and shop for flights. Users who download free Yapta software are able to tag specific flights as they research on online travel agencies and suppliers, the details of which are then saved to Yapta. Once tagged, Yapta keeps track of prices for the selected trips, silently returning to check prices, and then informing users if a change has occurred.

I must admit I have not yet tested Yapta so I cannot speak to the user experience, but I can tell you a bit about how successful the site has been in its early stages.

In June Yapta reached its high water mark of 109,000 US unique visitors. After the initial buzz there has been a steady decline in traffic and subsequently in downloads. Speaking of downloads, a look at the Download Interest numbers — people reaching the download page of yapta.com — shows that a healthy portion of Yapta visitors are interested in downloading but get cold feet when it comes to actually clicking the "Download" button (or they use Firefox and have to wait for a compatible version).

Will Yapta be successful? It is too early to say. Perhaps some Yapta users could chime in???

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