14 million people interacted with Facebook Applications in August

Facebook has been impressing more than just Compete over the past few months. As we reported on Tuesday, for the month of August, the social networking rising star is now ranked third in terms of pageviews, and may have started to finally pull users away from MySpace. But if Facebook was a novel, this domain level traffic would be the jacket; to get to the story you have to open it up"¦so here’s chapter one.

Because of the Facebook’s design, it is essentially impossible to do anything as a non-member. While Facebook received over 26 million visitors in August, a little over 22 million end up signing in. The chart is a visual representation of the Activities that the Facebook community used in August. The size of each circle represents the share of total Facebook visitors who are involved in each activity, and the shade of color represents intensity of use (based on both visits per month and time per visit). For each activity, the number of monthly visitors, total number of visits and time spent during each visit is listed within each activity’s circle.

Of the 22 Million people who logged into Facebook in August, nearly 21 Million go on to check their profile or their friends. Beyond that, activities differ:

  • 14 million people interacted with Facebook Applications in August.
  • Applications are also highly engaging; capturing more time per session than any other activity on the site.
  • Over 16 Million people browsed photos in August. On average, they viewed nearly 150 per month.
  • Only 80,000 (or .3% of total active members) "poked" someone in August.

Facebook’s story is far from over. With school back in session how will things change? What sort of implications will search indexing have on site growth, member privacy, and member engagement? We’ll cover all this and more before we close this book.

* Note: the "read discussion boards" activity is defined as opening up a specific group’s discussion board, as opposed to reading the latest comments on a group’s home page.

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