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Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD: Does anyone care?

Coming from someone who just spent close to $500 to be an early adopter of the Blu-ray high-definition video disc format, these recent trends at came as something of a disappointment. Not only are very few Netflix shoppers — among the most enthusiastic of home video consumers — interested in Blu-ray, but the competing HD-DVD format is actually the more popular choice among the few Netflix visitors who care.

August Online Video Market Share – Blastro, Veoh Duel in the Top 10, an "urban" music videos site, charged into the top ranks of online video competitors in August, ‘rapping’ up a summer-long surge of double digit growth, despite an overall summer slowdown. Blastro displaced to rank 10th among online video competitors, behind Google/YouTube and a lineup that has become familiar in recent months. Google continues to dominate the industry, with a market share hovering around 50%. Blastro grew Visits by

Search Fulfillment: Yahoo! is best of breed

Every month I write about market share and inevitably the story tends to remain the same "¦ Google big and growing. An interesting data point got me thinking recently. According to Compete data there are roughly 7.5 billion search queries performed every month by the US Online Population. However there are only about 5 billion search referrals every month. This means that roughly 1/3 of all searches in some sense

"Believe" this game sells consoles; 22% of 360 shoppers check out Halo 3

I started to grasp the magnitude of Halo 3 when I was watching FutureWeapons on the Discovery Channel, and Richard Machowicz all but gave a demo of the Banshee. Yes, in addition to branding a soda, and getting into arts and crafts with a massive diorama depicting the battle of John-1 1 7; they also bought out all of the advertising for a marathon run of the one show that

Compete Search Analytics Now Live on

Pay-per-use pricing enables any business to build competitive online search strategy Boston, MA., September 24, 2007 — Compete, Inc., a leading web analytics company, today announced that Compete Search Analyticsâ„¢ is live at Marketers at large and small companies alike can immediately benefit from the new Web-based resource that delivers the industry’s richest search analytics on a revolutionary pay-as-you-go basis. Using just a credit card to activate the service,

Yapta: Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant

Yapta (Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant), a new online travel startup, is looking to change how consumers compare and shop for flights. Users who download free Yapta software are able to tag specific flights as they research on online travel agencies and suppliers, the details of which are then saved to Yapta. Once tagged, Yapta keeps track of prices for the selected trips, silently returning to check prices, and then

Verizon's FiOS vs. DSL: Battle of the Brands

Competitive positioning is a tricky matter in any business. Companies work hard to educate and train consumers about their product. Sometimes they do such a good job at it that they have trouble educating their customers about anything new. Verizon carved-out a nice spot as a low-cost player in the broadband market with its DSL service undercutting cable providers on price. Now, Verizon wants to go premium with a fiber

Price Cut Works: Xbox 360 Demand Matches Wii Demand in August

The Microsoft has been cramping the PS3’s style from the get-go. If it wasn’t advertising Gears of War on PS3 preorder pages, illustrating the 360’s cost advantage with beer, or crashing the PS3’s European launch, the company was spending beaucoup bucks on exclusive content for multi-platform games. But when Microsoft answered Sony’s $100 PS3 price reduction with one of their own in August, they not only put the Xbox 360

Lottery Fever – Mega Millions & Powerball Jackpots Driving People Online

Any good statistician would tell you that gambling is a waste of time and money. Lets face it, you have a better chance of being struck by lightening while being hit by a car than you do of winning a lotto jackpot. Despite this knowledge, the thought of walking away with hundreds of millions of dollars is just so alluring! As many of you know, I succumbed to the draw

How internet rock stars drive traffic. We take a closer look at Mahalo, Pownce and Truemors.

Three big events rocked the web 2.0 universe this summer. Internet rock stars Guy Kawasaki (Truemors), Jason Calacanis (Mahalo), and Kevin Rose/Leah Culver (Pownce) launched new companies. In the chart below, you see how all three have done extremely well thus far. Any startup would kill for these sort of results in their first two months. Wondering what actually drives traffic to these sites? Take a look at the table

14 million people interacted with Facebook Applications in August

Facebook has been impressing more than just Compete over the past few months. As we reported on Tuesday, for the month of August, the social networking rising star is now ranked third in terms of pageviews, and may have started to finally pull users away from MySpace. But if Facebook was a novel, this domain level traffic would be the jacket; to get to the story you have to open